Monday, October 27, 2008

Honk if you're Horney

It started out with plans for my wife and I to go out with another couple. The plan was to drive to their house, go out to dinner, then into the city for a night of karaoke and drinking. We were ten minutes from their house when they call to say that they had an emergency and had to cancel our plans. We had been invited to go clubbing with another friend (Esse) that night but neither of us were dressed to go out but I called her anyway, and we wound up meeting at a bar near her house.

Esse is an ex girlfriend from my youth. She was my first girlfriend, first kiss, first breast, first hand job, lots of firsts. To say we have a history is an understatement. She also has a habit of being attracted to older married men. She is also the only person who knows everything about me, and I do mean everything. It is great to have someone I can talk to completely honestly with, and trust that she will keep a secret. Just to be completely clear we have never actually slept together, everything else yes, but never sex.

So my wife and I are at this bar, drinking with her and her newest boy toy. I already knew that he was married, and almost everything else about him. He had no clue that I knew. Esse kept giving me nasty looks every time I alluded to her being his extra marital activity. It also didn't help that you could clearly see that he had a tan line around his finger, something my wife pointed out to me. When the ladies went to the bathroom I mentioned to him that in the future he should just wear the ring, a tan line is more suspicious than a ring. As soon as I said that he went into defensive mode, making excuses, trying to convince me that he was recently divorced.

After the bar my wife and I stop at a local strip club on our way home. I'm generally not a fan of them, they are pretty much a waste of money, but as a couple we do have a good time going there once in a while. We didn't stay long, shared a lap dance and a private show where we payed more attention to each other than the girl in front of us playing with herself. Within an hour of walking in the club we walked out on our way home.

The car ride was fun, before we left the parking lot my dick was out of my pants and in her mouth. I was able to make it less than a mile before I spotted an empty parking lot that seemed suitable. I park the car behind the store right next to the building and away from any lights, crack the windows, shut the car off, and turn around and she is ready to go. All I had to do was slide my seat back so she could straddle me.

I just sat there as she pushed off the steering wheel into me, my hands on her hips mimicking her movement. Her hands pulled up my shirt so she could dig her nails into my chest. She was moving back and forth while I lifted her up and down with my hips.

Then I got the urge to grab her hair. I slid my hand up her side, and around her back until my hands were finger deep in the hair on the back of her head. I grabbed a handful and pulled down with my hand, at the same time pushing hard into her with my dick. As soon as I did that I could feel that familiar warm drip down my thigh, while she took a handful of my skin in her hand. It hurt but it felt good.

I had to let go of her hair, so I started to kiss her chest. In the most ackward manner she lifted her legs one at a time placing her feet on the onto the seat. She forced me away. She just slowly slid me in and out, stopping just before my head would come out. It hit the right spot and made me cum. I told her what was happening, but she already knew from feeling my dick pulse inside her. I pushed off the floor throwing her off balance. Her back leaned squarely into the steering wheel setting off my horn off.

It scared us both equally, and she jumped off of me as fast as she could. I grabbed my cock so I didn't shoot all over the car, with my other hand I started the car and started to drive. I still had some left in me as I drove off, both of us completely naked, she smiled bent over and finished the same way she started.


Riff Dog said...

Must . . . resist . . . temptation . . . to make . . . "horny" joke . . .

The World is a Playground said...

Title changed

Anonymous said...

This is a fantastic story! I almost fell over, I was laughing so hard.

I have to admit, I envy the sex life you have with your spouse. You must not have children....