Monday, October 13, 2008

The best laid plans

I woke up this morning thinking of VJ. VJ is  a single mother, who has been in a steady on/off relationship with her BF (Dman) for almost as long as I have known her, her son's father was never really there, but does pop his head in every once in a while to try and play daddy. I had a crush on her in high school, but nothing ever happened because I was with Jewlez, and I was too stupid to see what was in front of me.

Anyway, almost 3 years ago VJ finds me on Myspace (cool I love talking to people from my past)! Fast forward through a year and a half of flirting, some very innocent meetings and online conversations, to her birthday, fall of 2007. She had a birthday party which she invites me to, and I am more than happy to attend. Her and Dman got into a small fight that night which ended with him leaving the bar very early. I am always a big flirt so I stepped up to the plate, buy her a few drinks of liquid courage,  and the rest is a story for another day.

Fast forward to today. I wake up late, do some housework, and jump on the computer to see how the markets are doing (thankfully good). I send a message to VJ on AIM....

TWIAP (11:06:57 AM):hey sexy
Auto Response from VJ (11:06:57 AM): In a lot of pain. Laying in bed watching TV, signed on with my phone. Message me if you want 
TWIAP (11:06:59 AM): ? 
VJ (11:08:42 AM): I don't think so heh 
TWIAP (11:08:49 AM): why what did you do? 
VJ (11:10:53 AM): I was a week late for my period. I took 2 home pregnancy tests and both were negative. But I kept having what felt like pregnancy symptoms. So I went to my doctor, he set up an appointment for meto get blood work at a lab today. I got my period this morning, but I'm bleeding a lot and I'm in a lot of pain 
VJ (11:12:00 AM): Mind you the last time I got a cramp or a warning sign my period was on its way was when we were in S-town
VJ (11:13:12 AM): The blood work was also supposed to check to see if I was pregnant, but I guess I can rule that out 
VJ (11:13:27 AM): The other tests are to see if my hormones are all out of whack 
TWIAP (11:13:59 AM): ouch 
TWIAP (11:14:17 AM): shoot, and I was gonna ask to see you today 
VJ (11:14:31 AM): Really? 
TWIAP (11:14:40 AM): yeh 
VJ (11:14:42 AM): That's funny you metioned that actually lol 
TWIAP (11:14:50 AM): why 
VJ (11:15:05 AM): Dman wanted me to give you a blowjob and video tape it for him haha 
VJ (11:15:09 AM): We were talking all night 
VJ (11:15:17 AM): Irony 
TWIAP (11:15:18 AM): we can do that 
VJ (11:15:26 AM): Lol 
TWIAP (11:15:38 AM): but I wear my shirt and a hat 
TWIAP (11:15:44 AM): we can do that 
VJ (11:16:17 AM): Ok, but come sometime later. I didn't sleep at all last night 
TWIAP (11:16:24 AM): yeh me neither 
VJ (11:16:54 AM): Oh, plus I had to fast for 12hrs for these damn tests 
VJ (11:17:09 AM): No food, no sleep, cramps 
VJ (11:17:19 AM): I feel like dog crap 
TWIAP (11:17:27 AM): well now 
VJ (11:17:29 AM): I'm gonna nap for a lil bit 
TWIAP (11:17:46 AM): ok I was gonna bring the bike up since you want a ride so bad 
VJ (11:18:37 AM): You have such shitty timing lol 
TWIAP (11:18:43 AM): yeh I know 
TWIAP (11:19:13 AM): how does 3 sound? 
VJ (11:19:17 AM): I'm gonna nap, eat and see how I feel 
VJ (11:19:33 AM): Too early lol 
TWIAP (11:19:38 AM): ach!!! 
VJ (11:19:41 AM): Maybe 4 or 5 
TWIAP (11:19:50 AM): 4 sounds good too 
VJ (11:19:52 AM): Haha 
VJ (11:19:59 AM): Ok 
TWIAP (11:20:19 AM): i'll send you a text when I'm getting ready to leave 
VJ (11:20:47 AM): Ok 
TWIAP (11:20:50 AM): ok 
TWIAP (11:20:53 AM): sleep well 
TWIAP (11:20:56 AM): and dream of me 
VJ (11:21:17 AM): Haha 
VJ (11:21:23 AM): Thnx 
TWIAP (11:21:28 AM): yourr welcome 
TWIAP (11:21:34 AM): now go get your rest

Well in the end it didn't work out. I went half way out to her place, and got a text letting me know that she was feeling real bad after her nap and that she wasn't up to it.  I wound up stopping by my brothers house and staying there for a little while. Not exactly how I wanted the day to work out.

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