Monday, December 1, 2008

The summer beach house

Last summer I took some time off, and for one week I spent it at the shore with my wife. We had invited friends over and we played drunken scrabble (who knew the dictionary could be so much fun?).

After a few drinks too many my wife and I left the group to spend some quality time together in our room. I hadn't even walked into the bedroom before she had my t-shirt off and somehow wrapped around my hands to form an impromptu pair of handcuffs. My basketball shorts came off just as easily, leaving me standing there, naked and bound. I could have easily fought her, made it hard for her to undress me, but I let her lead me where she wanted to go.

She had me sit at the foot of the bed as she pulled her panties off. With her bottom exposed she lifted her dress and moved into position over me. In the dark of the room my mouth found her lips, and my tongue fondled her clit. She was in complete control of me as she moved my face where she wanted me to go.

Next she commanded me on to the bed, my hands still tied behind my back. I could have escaped my bonds any time I wanted, but I chose not to. She came up behind me and her hand wrapped around my cock, it was different. Before she touched me she put a little lube on her hand, causing a cold wet feeling around my shaft as she slid her hand up and down it. She had one hand jerking me off, the other was fondling my balls. My hand tied behind me found her wet vagina, and with one finger lightly rubbed her pussy slowly front to back.

She wanted to know when I was going to cum, she wanted me to tell her. I could feel the sense of urgency growing, building up inside until I was ready to blow. When I gave her the word her other hand moved to catch my release so that she could have a taste.

Once we were done we hastily cleaned ourselfs off and walked back out into the living room for some more fun and games.

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Anonymous said...

I thought you were gone! What a pleasant surprise.

You know, I like all your stories, but I particularly love the wife stories. The connection between the two of you comes across in your writing.