Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Job Opening

I've been trying to think of ways to spice up my life. I'm 28 years old, happily married and I have a good job. But somethings missing. I feel like I'm old before my time. I need to inject some excitement into my daily routine through my arm before its too late. I need a challenge, something to get the adrenaline pumping again. An addiction would be nice, but, in short, I need a nemesis. I'm willing to pay $350 up front for you services as an arch enemy over the next six months. Nothing crazy. Steal my parking space, knock my coffee over, trip me when Im running to catch the BART and occasionaly whisper in my ear, "Ahha, we meet again". That kind of thing. Just keep me on my toes. Complacency will be the death of me. You need to have an evil streak and be blessed with innate guile and cunning. You should also be adept at inconsicuous pursuit. Evil laugh preferred. Send me a photo and a brief explanation why you would be a good nemesis.

British accent preferred.

Rain rain don't go away

I was going to go running with Mrs Legs this morning, however the weather had decided that it would keep us indoors. As much as I truly do enjoy being outside in the cold rain, with a thin layer of clothes on, I had to pass. Instead we decided to stay in and have breakfast together. I'm not a cereal person, but that is all she had in the house. From where I was sitting I had a perfect view of her bending over to grab the box out of the cabinet. I don't know if she did it intentionally for me or not, but she bent over at the hips, her legs slightly farther than shoulder length apart, giving me a perfect view.

I'm not sure what came over me but I told her not to move, and to just stay there. I ran to the other room, grabbed a condom from out of my bag, tearing my clothes off as I went. I ran back into the kitchen completely naked trying to put the condom on a not yet ready dick, which was a completely futile effort. I turned the corner into the kitchen and she is sitting there pouring milk into the cereal. My spur of the moment plan didn't quite work.

Standing there naked for some reason was the most embarrassing feeling. I was completely out of touch with her intention for that moment. I had taken her display of the female anatomy for a sexual advance, and she was trying to make breakfast. It killed the moment and I sat down and tried to crack a joke. I just sat there, naked, and I could tell she was trying not to laugh at me. Our discussion drifted toward some markings that my wife had left on my chest in a from our drinking adventures this weekend.

After we ate I grabbed the bowls, walked over to the sink and started to clean them. As soon as the water was on I felt her kiss my butt, and start to slide her hand up the my inner thigh. She grabbed me hard, cupping my balls in her hand as she stroked my cock with her fingers. It got me hard. She continued to kiss my ass as she started to stroke me from bellow.

I motioned for her to stand up, and she continued to kiss me as she worked her way up my back. One had found it's way around my waist to my penis, the other started to play with my nipple. She just rested her head on my back and caressed my chest, teasing me with her fingers. Then she dug her nails deep into my skin and dragged them across, almost from one shoulder to the other. I really enjoy some light pain during sex, but with a mistress it isn't usually an option, the markings already on my body gave her permission to make more.

I lifted her up onto the island in the middle of her kitchen and climbed on it with her. While I fucked her she kept running her nails across my chest and back telling me that she really enjoyed doing that, and she wished that she could do it more often. She started to talk real dirty saying thing that truly surprised me, and her words were enough to make me cum for her.

I ran out of the house an hour later, she really did a number on me, and later in the day some of the markings were far more noticeable than expected. I think I'll just have to wear a shirt to bed for the next few days.

Monday, October 27, 2008

TMI Tuesday #158 - Firsts!!!

First names and approximate age is fine too many of you aren't anonymous and too many of you wish to stay anonymous.

1. Who and when was your first crush?

Esse, and she lived down the street from me

2. Who and when was your first date?

Esse again, I think I took her out for pizza

3. Who and when was your first kiss?

You probably guessed it, Esse again. We climbed into a tree, I had her close her eyes and hold out her hands and I went in for it. Stupid me I closed my eyes too, missed her mouth and stuck my tounge in her nose. I fell out of the tree. Anyway we climbed back up to try, try again.

4. Who and when was your first partner while "fooling around" in car?

Not Esse on this one. It was Jewelz, on our way to woodstock 99. She started out with a hand job while I was driving, then we stopped on an access road to continue the job.

5. Who and when was your first partner while "fooling around" in a house?

Esse yet again. In her house, in my house friends houses, I was young dumb and full of cum.

6. Who and when was your first love?

Puppy love it would be Esse, we started together at 11, and spent a whole lot of time together for the next 5 years, on and off. The problem was that we were way too young, immature, stupid, and our lives just went in completely different directions. With Esse it was puppy love. After Esse I met Jewelz, we dated on and off for a few years. I was in love with her.

Bonus: Who's blog did you first comment on?

Damned if I know

Honk if you're Horney

It started out with plans for my wife and I to go out with another couple. The plan was to drive to their house, go out to dinner, then into the city for a night of karaoke and drinking. We were ten minutes from their house when they call to say that they had an emergency and had to cancel our plans. We had been invited to go clubbing with another friend (Esse) that night but neither of us were dressed to go out but I called her anyway, and we wound up meeting at a bar near her house.

Esse is an ex girlfriend from my youth. She was my first girlfriend, first kiss, first breast, first hand job, lots of firsts. To say we have a history is an understatement. She also has a habit of being attracted to older married men. She is also the only person who knows everything about me, and I do mean everything. It is great to have someone I can talk to completely honestly with, and trust that she will keep a secret. Just to be completely clear we have never actually slept together, everything else yes, but never sex.

So my wife and I are at this bar, drinking with her and her newest boy toy. I already knew that he was married, and almost everything else about him. He had no clue that I knew. Esse kept giving me nasty looks every time I alluded to her being his extra marital activity. It also didn't help that you could clearly see that he had a tan line around his finger, something my wife pointed out to me. When the ladies went to the bathroom I mentioned to him that in the future he should just wear the ring, a tan line is more suspicious than a ring. As soon as I said that he went into defensive mode, making excuses, trying to convince me that he was recently divorced.

After the bar my wife and I stop at a local strip club on our way home. I'm generally not a fan of them, they are pretty much a waste of money, but as a couple we do have a good time going there once in a while. We didn't stay long, shared a lap dance and a private show where we payed more attention to each other than the girl in front of us playing with herself. Within an hour of walking in the club we walked out on our way home.

The car ride was fun, before we left the parking lot my dick was out of my pants and in her mouth. I was able to make it less than a mile before I spotted an empty parking lot that seemed suitable. I park the car behind the store right next to the building and away from any lights, crack the windows, shut the car off, and turn around and she is ready to go. All I had to do was slide my seat back so she could straddle me.

I just sat there as she pushed off the steering wheel into me, my hands on her hips mimicking her movement. Her hands pulled up my shirt so she could dig her nails into my chest. She was moving back and forth while I lifted her up and down with my hips.

Then I got the urge to grab her hair. I slid my hand up her side, and around her back until my hands were finger deep in the hair on the back of her head. I grabbed a handful and pulled down with my hand, at the same time pushing hard into her with my dick. As soon as I did that I could feel that familiar warm drip down my thigh, while she took a handful of my skin in her hand. It hurt but it felt good.

I had to let go of her hair, so I started to kiss her chest. In the most ackward manner she lifted her legs one at a time placing her feet on the onto the seat. She forced me away. She just slowly slid me in and out, stopping just before my head would come out. It hit the right spot and made me cum. I told her what was happening, but she already knew from feeling my dick pulse inside her. I pushed off the floor throwing her off balance. Her back leaned squarely into the steering wheel setting off my horn off.

It scared us both equally, and she jumped off of me as fast as she could. I grabbed my cock so I didn't shoot all over the car, with my other hand I started the car and started to drive. I still had some left in me as I drove off, both of us completely naked, she smiled bent over and finished the same way she started.

14 steps to a good affair

A long time ago I set myself some ground rules.

1. Marriage first - don't get emotionally attached to anyone else. If you feel you are going too far over the edge cut the affair off.

2. She needs to loose as much as you - Try and find someone who is in the same boat (married, kids, house, career etc). This is almost an insurance policy that guarantees that discretion will be kept by both people.

3. Cover your tracks - This is what gets most people in trouble. Create a new secret email account make up something random. Make the password hard too, use a long password for everything, with a combination of letters, numbers and special characters, for example '1DietSoda4$-'. Use Google chrome in porn mode! How many people do you think were caught because their spouse looked up their Internet history, porn mode pretty much eliminates that, and don't forget to log out every time you walk away anyway. Don't use AIM, it stores conversations, and even if you log out there is a chance that a conversation will pop back up. If you do feel the need to save pictures, put them in a random folder wherever you store your porn, that way it looks like downloaded porn.

4. Don't use your credit card - You will get a credit card bill in the mail, pay in cash, some hotels require a credit card, do your best not to give it to them, go to a different hotel. Some people also use pre-paid credit cards, I have no experience with them, but it seems like a good idea.

5. Don't use your cell - Get a cheap disposable pay as you go cell. Spend the $25, if it is ever found, the best excuse is that you found it, then get rid of it. If you text or call on your regular phone the bill will come in the mail, the texts will be seen, the pictures will be seen, the numbers will be called.

6. Get a PO box - If you need to get a bill for anything, get a PO box, it's cheap, like $35/yr, have them sent there.

7. Feel her out first - every first meeting should be somewhere public, coffee shop or a book store, something along those lines. It gives you an out if you feel uncomfortable or you don't like her.

8. Don't talk about it - vent somewhere anonymous, go to a catholic church and into the confession booth. Priests don't talk just be careful because if they see you in the supermarket they will suggest you go to marriage counseling, true story.

9. Pictures last - Don't take any pictures of you and her. They have a habit of surfacing later. Words are easy to dispute, pictures aren't. If in correspondence with a potential surrogate wife, you decide to exchange pictures, make sure the picture doesn't include your face, or any distinguishable marks on your body. Don't try and crop pictures either, the data is still there if you know where to look, take the picture missing your head, put some tape over any markings, make the picture physically unidentifiable as you. With the ink on my body any picture I would send looks like almost like a black blob. Plus I cover a few added areas just to be safe and make it look like it's not me.

10. Be safe - There is nothing worse than your wife telling you she has VD, except she hasn't been sleeping around, so where did you get it from? I always use protection, and luckily this has never happened to me, but the danger is there.

11. Be transparent with your alibi - Your alibi is the key. I do my best to tell the truth, minus a few details. I'll say something like "I'm going out for a ride on my bike, be back in a few hours". I just didn't say where I went or with who. Also make sure your details are straight, and you know what you did, don't give too many details unless you have too, the more intricate the story is, the more you will make a mistake or forget something.

12. Don't be too anxious - If you take every opportunity to meet with the other woman you will be pushing your luck. If you are going out for a long time, come home early once in a while, if your wife wants you to stay in, don't blow her off, stay in.

13. Clean yourself - Take a shower, take two, use soap. Sex smells, it smells like sex. It is a distinct smell, and if you didn't have sex with your spouse that day and you smell like sex, the question is why, and it isn't a question that you want to answer. I take a shower after sex every time. If I'm at home it might be the next morning but I do, sometimes I even take a shower just because, on an average day I shower three or four times a day.

14. Plan B - I keep a gift for my wife in the garage. If my location is ever questioned I will present that present and turn the tables. "I was out buying you a nice surprise gift! How dare you question where I was!". It's a great out, it gives you a story, and it gives you a place, and it makes her not wonder were you were.

The biggest thing that you really need to know is that discretion is the key, keep your secrets secret, keep the secrets of others secret, know their intent, and cover your back before you walk out the door.

My random thoughts of the week

Halloween is fast approaching, and I spent almost half the day naked in my house sitting around a coffee table with my wife. No sex, but we did carve a few pumpkins. This one is my favorite. The picture doesn't show the detail that is actually in it. I cut up a clothes hanger to make the staples. The eyes are round pumpkin pieces cut out of another pumpkin and shoved in there. The teeth are rounded and shaped to look like real teeth and the small pumpkin just took a bunch of work.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Old Flames Die Hard

I went out to a small motorcycle event this morning (thank you Al Roker for making it rain). While I was there I bumped into and old mistress who I hadn't seen in about a year and a half. Our relationship was mutually ended on good terms, mostly because it was very hard to make our schedules work, and her husband started to look into her away time.

It was great to see her and catch up, even better than that her marriage is going great and she just had a baby a few months back, and she just found out this week that she is pregnant. Before I go on, no the first one is most definatly not mine, the time line doesn't work out and I've been shooting blanks for a while now.

Anyway we got a chance to go for a walk away from the crowd, just the two of us. Hew husband wasn't far but he was in his own world. We did get some alone time and we were able to talk openly about the what we have been up to since we saw each other last. Our talk ended with a small kiss and we each went our own direction.

I didn't speak to her again all morning, even though I did catch her looking at me a few times. I just responded with a smile and returned to whatever I was doing.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Exploring the world

I love to travel, and lucky for me, my job offers me ample time to travel. I am usually gone about a week or so every month. It seems that next month I will truly get to do some exploring.

One problem. I need to be in multiple cities over a short period of time. In the past I usually take a day or two to myself and explore whatever city I find myself, visit friends who live there, and just generally wander around trying to get a feel of the area.

Right now my current plan is to be in San Fransisco for a few days early in the month, then spend a night in LA with some friends, from LA I fly to Denver for a lunch meeting, I only get to spend 6 hours in Denver. Then down to San Antonio that evening, and I get to stay there for two days. After this trip I have a few days at home before I need to go out again.

The next trip brings me to Atlanta, St. Paul, Chicago, Columbia (SC), and Seattle. I have six days to visit five cities. I made all my flight arrangements today, and I am usually forced to either fly very early in the morning or in the late afternoon. This puts a huge damper on any plans I may have to really visit any cities.

After my whirlwind tour of America I get to go back to Atlanta for almost a week. The only real problem is that all of these stops are based on other peoples calendars, and I have almost no control over when or where I have to be. I can almost guarantee that my flights, car rentals, hotels, places to be, and everything else will change a half dozen times between now and when I leave.

Throw in a few day trips to NYC or DC and those are my plans for next month.

I also like to travel light, and for the most part I'm able to bring everything I need in a large book bag, thus avoiding having to check any bags. A few pairs of jeans, dress shirts, T-shirts, shorts, socks and undies, a jacket, small sundry bag, Ipod, laptop, cell phones, GPS, a camera, and enough quarters to sit down in a laundromat for an afternoon is all I need.

It really is amazing how little stuff I actually need to have on a day to day basis. My wife is a completely different story, we go away for a week on vacation, and she might as well dump her closet and half the bathroom in a trio of suitcases. Try explaining to a customs agent who barely speaks English why you have a penis shaped vibrator next to a bottle of KY in your suitcase, it's definitely not my definition of fun

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The best friends are old friends

So, today was my big date with Mrs Camaro. It didn't quite go as planned. First off I wound up being pretty late. I got stuck in a teleconference all afternoon, which pushed my whole day back. The two hours early I was going to skip out on work turned into an hour, add to that some traffic I ran into and all of a sudden I'm an hour and a half late. When I finally arrived to meet her at the library we were supposed to meet at, she wasn't even there. We wound up playing phone tag for another 15 minutes trying to find eachother, and it turned out that she got bored, ran to the store down the street.

We finally met a little over 2 hours after we were supposed to meet. The original plan was to get something quick to eat, then go back to her house to fool around. The food idea was quick to go, and I followed her to her place. Her son was with his father for the week so she had her apartment to herself. These types of days for her as a single mom are far and few between.

I followed her into her place, and right away she offers me some wine, which I gladly take. A lot of small talk and general catching up with each other since the last time we actually saw one another. She lives almost 2 hours away from me so finding time to actually meet up isn't exactly easy. Knowing the time constraints I was under I sent a text home letting my wife know that I would be late.

I was sitting on her couch and she came over and laid her head on my lap. I started to play with her hair while we talked some more. While we were talking my hands found her body. One hand playing with her hair, the other sliding my fingers under her shirt and across her stomach. Her hands following to match. My hands flirted with her body, moving around her clothes, not taking them off yet. She was wearing a very loose knee length skirt and it was easy for me to pull it up around her waist. While I was working my way around her, she did the same to me, opening my pants and pulling my dick out so she could play with it.

Then she just rolled over onto her knees, putting her bare ass out in the air. She completely ignored my dick and pulled my pants down around my knees. It's amazing how lovers who haven't been together for a long time still remember exactly what can push each others buttons. Her mouth quickly started to kiss my thighs while her hand wrapped itself around the base of my half hard cock. My hands continued to caress her lower back and play with her hair.

I knew I wanted to bring her back to her bedroom where we had a large bed to play on. Grabbing a full handful of hair I told her to follow me, and I dropped my pants on the floor, stripping off more and more of my clothes as I made my way to her room, she followed and stripped behind me.

She followed me into her room and stopped just inside the door to lean on the wall. I walked up to her and leaned in pulling her chin up to kiss me. My hands found their way to her breasts and she pulled me closer. This tit for tat went on for a little while longer, she would touch me and I would touch her to match. Until I had her on her knees between my legs with her back against the wall while I held my dick up so she could suck on my balls.

She was willing to do anything I wanted her to. I told her to go lay on the bed, and without hesitation she did. She got on all fours on her bed, playing with herself so I could see. I sat on the bed right in front of her and told her to get on top of me. She pulled the sheets over me while started to fuck her from below. It felt great to lift myself into her as hard as I could while she did her best to tighten her pussy around my dick. Her hands squeezing my shoulders as hard as she could while holding herself up. Then I came. She angled her hips so that while I was releasing my shaft was buried against her clit with just my head in her, and she finished me off with a long drawn out kiss.

We have been with together like this for almost 10 years on and off. I love having sex with her. She is incredible. We fit together perfectly and she is the person that really showed me how to have sex, how to really enjoy it.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

When it all goes bad

WARNING - If you don't want to read about some bad sex just stop here and go back.

This morning I wrote an entry for TMI Tuesday. Without really thinking about it I wrote about a sexual experience I had a few years ago. My cousin came to stay with me for a long weekend of skiing, and she brought a friend with her. We had a great time, stayed in an apartment in the Poconos. The skiing was great, although they both sucked at it and I had to really take it easy so I wouldn't loose them.

Our last night there we drank a little, not much at all really. But as things would have it we started to fool around. My cousin got the idea real fast and left us alone. Lots of kissing and touching and feeling. I pulled her pants off on with the full intention of eating her out.

She was in good shape, I could tell by her body that she worked out, she was tone, not muscular, but tone. She definitely took care of herself, and she had an incredible body, and she was great at flirting, and even better at foreplay.

I had her pants off and all she was wearing was a pair of undies. I kissed her legs on my way back up. I pulled the only garment she had left. I think that at that exact moment was the most disappointing moment of my life. I could not believe the tangle of hair ahead of me. Now I don't mind hair, in fact a little hair can be good, but it has got to be trimmed, shaven, shortened, something.

I had already abandoned my original oral plan, it just was not in the cards anymore, I love to lick pussy, but it has to be taken care of. So I moved on to plan B, sex. I moved back up and inserted myself into her. It was bad, in fact it was downright terrible. I just could not get over the fact that I could feel her pubic hair wrap itself around my dick. It was like a brillo pad, and it itched.

I was so disgusted by it that after a minute, and what seemed like an eternity, I had had enough. I just stopped, pulled out and jumped at the first towel I saw. I made believe that I finished in the towel. I sat on the end of the bed with a raging hard on, a beautiful, willing, and quite naked girl next to me, and I didn't want to touch her.

It wouldn't go down.

Nothing I did would make it go down. I could have fucked her for hours, and I had no motivation. It was the worst sex of my life, and I faked it.


There really is more to the story than that. But for the sake of actually telling what happened that's it. But...

After she realized that I wasn't going down, she practically begged for another go. I just couldn't bring myself to do it. It really was that bad. After *her* bad experience, the rumor mill among my cousins circle of friends was that I was terrible. It was basically the scarlet letter for that incredibly beautiful group of girls and for a few years I couldn't get any of them to even look at me.

When my cousin got married I was an usher, and HPG was a bridesmaid. You could see the tension between us a mile away, and my cousin, being nosey, begged me to finally tell what happened between the two of us. So I did. She broke out laughing about it, then at the after party she drank too much and started telling the story over and over.

And for HPG, it stands for Hairy Pussy Girl, as I have referred to her ever since. Yes ladies, please, please, do anything, just please don't let your bush turn into a forest.

TMI Tuesday #157

1. Have you ever felt guilty or ashamed after a sexual experience?

My first actual sex experience, yes. After both minutes were over I was completely embaressed, I just wanted to go into a hole and hide from the world, and the girl who just had the worst sex of her life. It took me a while to get over the fact that I was inexperienceed and seriously needed to gain some confidence.

2. Did you ever own a fake ID?

Nope, I lived in a major city and after a while I learned where i could and could not go without a fake ID. Bar A would card you bar B didn't care. Go to bar b.

3. How often do you tell white lies? Is it with or without thinking?

The key to extra marital affairs is to not tell any white lies at all. Obviously you will have to eventually, but I always try to tell the half of the truth that needs to be told, its soo much easier to tell your wife you went out for coffee, even if that coffee was with the other woman. BUT. I always try to think of a backup plan in case my story doesn't check out, I just do my best to not have to use it. My wife knows I run a few days a week, she just has no clue that I'm screwing my run buddy.

4. On a scale of 1-10, how well do you receive constructive criticism?

I would say I'm pretty good at taking critisim. My profession deals with criticism on a very regular basis and I have become accoustomed to being called everything from a miracle worker to the scum of the earth. I take the bad with the good and move on to the next oportunity to mess up.

5. Have you ever shaved your pubic hair?

Yup. I started back in the 90's before it was the in thing to do for guys to shave. I had a girlfriend who had a thing for bare balls, and she asked me to trim, so I did. After that I had a real bad experience with a girl (HPG) that didn't take care of her pubic hair, and since then I take a razor to myself at least every other day.

Bonus: What percentage of women do you think are capable of handling being in a "friends with benefits" relationship? How about men?

Not all women are capable of handling being in a "friends with benefits" relationship. Some are just way too possessive to be in a non exclusive relationship. Insecurity has more to do with it than anything else, if she thinks that you might find someone better or you might be comparing her to someone else than why take that chance.

Monday, October 20, 2008


I this morning I woke up late. i had plans to run with Mrs Legs, but it just wasn't in the cards for today. I called her up at 8 (our usual meet time was 7) when I finally walked out my front door. She realized I wasn't going to make it and left to go run some errands. So being the exciting and loyal employee that I am I show up work almost an hour early (bonus!).

It was a long morning at work. I sent a few explicit messages back and forth to Mrs Legs. Pretty much along the lines of:

Me - Sorry about this morning
Her - It's Ok I had to do the work myself
Me - Yeh?
Her - It's not the same as a penis
Me - What no cream filling?
Her - Haha, it's the best part of the twinkie
Me - Yeh I still got some left
Her - I'm hungry. Doing anything for lunch?
Me - Hopefully you

That was it. Lunch plans were settled. I had to make up a lame excuse about having to run some errands to get out of a previous lunch engagement. I also left a note on my desk saying that I'll be back from lunch late (I have a very good amount of flexibility in my schedule). I actually wound up leaving a little early for lunch and drove over to her house.

She was in the middle of trying on Halloween costumes that she had bought. I didn't realize how hard it was to get dressed up for one night. For me it's not complicated. I just throw something together and go out, last year I was a terrorist, this year I am going to be a 20's style gangster. She had a half dozen costumes picked out on her bed and wanted me to tell her which one she looked best in. She had tried them on for her hubby the day before but according to her, he just didn't seem to care.

I don't get it. If you have a girl who is more than willing to dress up for you, model skimpy clothes and act sexy why would you say no? I was pleasantly happy to be her personal fashion judge. Ok back to her clothes.

So she had all her outfits on the bed. I sat in the corner of her bedroom on a small chair and one by one she would take them into the bathroom, change and come out and model them for me. The outfits were great.

Costume 1 - It looked like a referee outfit, the shirt was black and white stripes and had a low cut neck that showed off her cleavage, and had a small black mini skirt, add to that her tall fuck-me boots. She walked out in front of me turned around bent over made a few jokes about a foul ball, and shot into the bathroom again to change.

Costume 2 - The second attempt was a cheerleader outfit, again, incredibly sexy. She did a little cheer for me bounced around like she was 15.

Costume 3 - This one got me. She walks out wearing a white dress suit. Her hair was done up and she was wearing a pair of glasses. I had no clue who she was supposed to be. She walked right up to me straddled my one knee, and blurted out "I'm just a horney hockey mom doncha know, do ya have a puck that you can score in my goal?". I couldn't help but laugh, even though she was doing her best sexy impression of Palin that she could. Sarah Palin is the Vice President I'd like to Fuck.

She was already straddling one of my legs so she just hiked up her skirt a little, lifted the other leg over and around me, sat on my lap, pulled my already hard dick out of my pants, and threw her arms around me. I must have had a giddy smile on my face because she with a straight face, as seriously as she could say it, Drill baby Drill. I burst out laughing and almost slid off the chair, I must have hit her just the right way, when I slid I saw her close her eyes and grab the back of my neck.

She never left character. She reached around behind her to slide me in while I unbuttoned her jacket to expose her bare breasts. At first it was a surprise when she called me Todd, and it took me a second to realize that she was really playing a game. I just played along, and talked to her like I was Todd Palin screwing my wife. Both my hands were on her ass moving her around, and I could feel by her reactions hitting some very sensitive spots. Then she just got up and bent down and started to suck me. I didn't want to do anything else, just sit there.

Each time her mouth would come off she would say some funny yet sexy Palin quote. The only reason I think she stopped was because she ran out of things to say. She just got up and dropped her skirt and jacket and stood there with her back to me. I didn't quite hear what she said, I was paying more attention to the way she was standing there, legs crossed, completely naked, high heeled shoes, and her Palin glasses. Even though I had no clue what she said I knew what she wanted.

I got up and walked over to her, undressing myself as I went. I put my hands on her hips and I followed to her bed. She just bent over leaning her chest and head on the bed, with her legs spread far enough that I could just slide myself in. I did what I wanted, I didn't feel like pleasing her. When I was about to cum I pushed her off and she rolled over on her back. She jerked me off until there was nothing left, wiping it on her stomach as it hit her. She was laying there on the bed naked and slid one finger across her stomach picking up a hint of cum, and put it in her mouth. The last thing she said to me before she got up was "Look Wasala snow".

We both took a quick shower washing each other off (very sensual), and went downstairs so i could cook (microwave) her a frozen pizza lunch. Of course after the incredibly fun lunch 2 1/2 hour break I was back at work. At least now I was thinking about the sex I just had, rather than the sex that never was.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

You Suck in Bed

Your Ex-Girl Thinks You Suck in Bed - Watch more free videos

Just thought this was funny and though I would share. I Mrs. Camaro and I made plans to meet up next week, and she sent it to me.

It's a small world after all (and my thoughs on AM)

I've been dabbling with AM for a little over a week now, its kinda fun to look, although I haven't sent any messages out or really gone out looking for anyone yet. But I have received a few. Mostly from older women who were looking for a younger male. None of them seemed overly exciting, interesting or attractive. It also seems that everyone who is from my area seems to be in one town, right in the middle of the state.

Strange things are afoot at the Circle K! I also found my wife's sister.

She has the wrong city down, a screen name that I don't believe has anything to do with her life, the wrong age, etc, but the picture is defiantly hers. We always flirt, in a fun playful way. At times she would grab my ass, and being the flirtatious me I always play it up. She has laid her head on my lap, long hugs, kisses on the cheek, random bodies accidentally touching the other.

Were these little gestures more than innocent playfulness? Was there something I should know, or notice, or be aware of? I don't know the answer, and I'm not going to tempt fate either. My curiosity runs rampant, but curiosity killed the cat.

I never really looked at her in a sexual light, she has always just been, I guess, playful around me. I think her SO is a royal dick, a bad father to her kids, and just lowlife scum in general. He also needs to take a shower once in a while, or at least a shower with soap, and a breath mint would be nice too. I can't help but to think good for her. I've never (openly) judged others choices in mates. It's their choice, not mine. If I choose to remain friends then I have to accept the good with the bad.

I won't ever say anything to anybody about this. It is our little secret, except she doesn't know that I know what she knows. At least it will make for some good viewing on my part.

Friday, October 17, 2008

This is what it's like when worlds colide

I woke up this morning and the gravity of how much I actually drank last night didn't hit me until I walked into Mrs Legs house. She was ready to go, and I was ready to sit. All I wanted to do was sit. So I did. Instead of going out we sat in her kitchen around the island talking. I gave her the full run down on what had happened the night before. She knew I was not ready to go out just yet, and she whipped up a batch of pancakes and bacon. It was almost homeley.

We just sat there talking about stuff, our relationship, where it was, where it was going (basically we are happy leaving things the way that they are). Although she did drop the bombshell that she would like to hang out in a more social setting sometimes, she though it would be fun to invite our SO's out with us. I am fairly leery of doing this just because it leaves too much to chance. A slipped word or a missplaced hand could be noticed to easily. I go through great lengths to keep the two lives of me apart, and this negates that completely. I didn't say no, but I didn't say yes either.

After my explanation of the previous nights activities she gave me a piece of information about her I didn't know. She paid for her college education as a stripper. She met her husband there too, he was a regular of hers, and eventually a few years later met in a social setting. It was a very arousing to know that she knew how to perform, which she offered to do for me one day soon.

Sex did happen but it was more of a lets do this, because thats why we are here. It wasn't bad either, and she did most of work for me. I didn't even have to get up from my chair.

Since our bombshell conversation this morning, I have been thinking about what is really going on in her mind, did she want to spend for time with me, or did she just want to hang out with some friends. I havn't decided what my answer is yet, it will probably be yes, but only for dinner or something along those lines, and we would have to have a serious conversation to get some details right so that both our SO's have the same story. My wife knows we run together in the morning, and her husband does too. But what else has been said?

A bottle of white

Last night was an incredibly fun/long/drunken night. My wife decided that she would go to the liquor store to buy some wine and have a romantic night. It always makes for an interesting time when she comes up with these plans. She doesn't work and I get the feeling that she actually spends alot of time planning and plotting. Some of the stuff she comes up with can sometimes blow my mind.

She walked in the door with a little brown bag, and I could see the shape of an incredibly long and slender bottle of wine. At this point I din't know what she had on her mind, and I thought that she would come back with some vintage 2008 ye 'old box. Not today, she had in her hand a bottle of Vendi (sp?) white. Sitting on the couch she brought me a glass and flipped through the channels looking for the movie that she was expecting to find. For some reason she never found it, and instead settled on Robin Hood: Men in Tights, which is one of the funniest movies I can think of. We had a drunken good time laughing for two hours, which ruined her plan.

After the movie I stepped out the front door for a few minutes, we had finished off the whole bottle, and polished off a little scotch along with it. Walking back in the front door I stopped to see her laying on the couch with one hand down her pants , the other holding the tip of the bottle against her mouth. I could see what she was doing, but I just stood there unable to move, waiting to see what would happen next.

I was giddy, and walking from one end of the room to the other was almost a challenge. I kneeled at the bottom of the couch watching her play with herself, stuff like that gets me off. I wish I could see whats going on behind those eyes of hers. She slid her pants off to give me a better view.

The bottle was the perfect shape and size, and slid in well. I didn't move, didn't touch her, didn't participate. If she wanted me to join in, she would have let me know. It was exciting to watch, I imagine being the bottle.

I couldn't help myself so I put my hand the only place it wouldn't touch her. The show went on for quite some time and she knew exactly what pleased her most. Her toes would curl and she would moan, her thighs would close around her bottle wrapped hands. She finished before me and asked for a show of her own, which I was glad to give. When I was ready to blow she got off the couch as fast as she could and get down to meet me, she did not want any of my cum to go to waste. Her mouth wrapped around my dick and I gave her what she wanted, using the last glass of wine to wash the rest down.

As drunk as I was I knew that I had an appointment in the morning, to run at 7.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Can you feel the power between my legs?

Diamonds are a girls best friend. My bikes are mine.

I have two motorcycles, one is new and one is old. The new one is sleek, sexy, powerful, fast and has lines I could stare at for hours. The old one is clunky, rough, uncomfortable and loud, and she's starting to rust. I take good care of them, and they return the favor. They never say no (though sometimes it just takes time for the kick start to say yes), never say they are tired, or worn out, or need their space. All I ever have to do is get on them and go.

The road is my happy place. I can spend all day to go to the store around the corner. The miles slip by with a quiet tranquility that is only drowned out by the twist of my wrist.

My sport bike is beautiful. When we are together I wrap my legs aroud her holding her close. She leans with me at every bend. I can feel her become an extension of me and together we work as one to do the only thing she knows how, to go.

My cruiser is ugly. But I like her, she has a way about her that only I can appreciate. She fights me around every turn, always wanting to go back to center. At idle she shakes me to the bone, when moving I feel every bump in the road.

Each is special in her own way.

When I'm riding, even in groups I can be all alone, and it's comforting to know that the world is mine. Every road has its own soul, an adventure hidden between the lines painted on years ago, a life of it's own. the roads don't care who you are or where you're from, they just want to get you where you're going.

If you've never riden a bike before try it, is a magical experience when you can open your eyes to the world as you pass it by, there is an amazing amount of details that you miss in a car, the sights, the sounds, the feeling of the air flowing across your body at speed.

Close your eyes for a second and imagine being free.

It's 1:37 in the morning and I cant sleep.

I just finished having sex with my wife. It was good. Better than good.

She wound up going to bed around 10pm and I stayed in the living room. By the time watching TV. By the time I made it upstairs she was already fast asleep. I wasn't. I took a shower, brushed my teeth, and stumbled clumsily into our bedroom She wore a big t-shirt and no pants. I could see she was waiting for me to meet her but she fell asleep too soon. I was horny and she was laying there.

I slipped under the sheet tripping over a bag of unfolded laundry. Her legs were already spread and I was able to crawl right up to her. I didn't wait right away I licked her lips and slid my tongue straight down line between them. I think she might have moaned but I knew she wasn't asleep.

I continued to lick her clit, not stoping for anything. Once in a while her hands or legs would move or she would take a deep breath, but she didn't wake.

As I continued her hips would move up and down as if to ask me for more. With each stroke of my tongue she moved a little more. I couldn't help but to play with myself too. The taste of her pussy is a familiar one, I like it. Then when I wasn't expecting it a hand moved through my hair. My eyes opened and I could see her other hand caressing her nipple. Then she moaned. Her back arched and she pulled away from me, but I followed. I wasn't about to stop, I enjoy her cumming for me, I like the taste, the feel of her wetness on my face as I bury my mouth in her.

When she was done I could feel her hands were pulling on my skin begging me to meet her face to face. I refuse I pulled back so that the only part or me was my tongue against her clit. She asked me to fuck her, she wanted me in her. I told her no. I wouldn't let my dick in her until I was ready, I was ready. It's hard for me to hold back so I reach down and started to stroke myself. I told her the only way she can get is is to cum for me again.

I slid my body over her still not touching her until we were face to face. then I kissed her, not hard or long, I just licked her tongue adn pulled away. The only part of me touching her is my dick, firmly planted at the entrance to her pussy, but I wasn't going to go in. I told her that she had to cum for me again.

Two fingers is all it would take. By the time my mouth was near her abdomen I had two fingers in her. I wasn't trying to be gentle adn pushed into her. her whole body moved up and when she came back I was waiting to taste her again. I continued to do this at an ever faster rate. Then she said my name. My fingers were soaked. I pulled them out to taste them, and I licked my hand clean.

I can't, nor would I try to begin to tell you how I felt. I didn't need to be in her, I could cum if I wanted to. I was that close. But she needed me to. I shoved myself in. Instinctively my hand grabbed the headboard to help me thrust.

She is the only girl that has ever made me orgasm, not just cum, orgasm. Tonight she got me off. I might have been telling her what to do, but she was in total control. As I pulled my dick out I felt it moving over me, a tingling sensation almost like I lost feeling in my limbs. I could feel my heart racing fast each time I pressed into her, pushing us both until we are against the headboard. The sensation that skips through my body is so strong I don't even realise I had released.

I slow to a complete stop laying all my weight on her. I didn't pull out yet, nor was I completely hard. My hand was still firmly grasping the headboard and wouldn't let itself go. I needed a second to rest, to relax.

My wife is the only person that can do that for me. I don't want anyone else to do it for me. That is reserved for her.

The time is now 2:11 am and I am wide awake. I had a cigarette a few minutes ago. My nerves are shot and I'm about to smoke another. I can still feel my hand twitching on it's own, my back is sore from being so tense and it hurts from where she dug her hands into my shoulder. I'm not going to be able to sleep tonight.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I just spent 42 minutes 28 seconds talking to an incredible telemarketer. I usually wouldn't spend so much time playing the game and immediately get straight to the point and let them know that I don't want to talk and will hang up soon. But this girl had an incredibly sexy voice, and for a few minutes I made love to her over the phone.

She was asking questions about TV shows. I'm not that into TV too much, but there are some shows that i will make an effort to catch. After she finished naming an incredibly large number of shows that I had never heard of I told her that she had an incredibly sexy voice which opened a whole can of worms. We started to talk about where we live, stuff we do, just normal get to know each other stuff. She really captured my attention for some reason.

Her name could easily be a stripper name, she is a recently divorced 29 year old single mom, who lives about 2 hours away from me. She left her husband because according to her "they got married for all the wrong reasons". I'm sure it's not the whole story, but I didn't want to poke any deeper.

I very much enjoyed the conversation and the flirting that went back and forth. I gave her my email so that we could continue the conversation when she doesn't have to work. Unfortunately she has my home phone number which I realized after we parted ways.

I don't believe anything will ever come out of this, but it was an incredible, and slightly brief conversation between two random people.

Sneakers and a sun visor

I ran today with Mrs Legs over the past few months that we have been together it seems that our relationship has changed. When we started running together it was about two people running together. Then we fucked, our relationship turned into two people who ran together and occasionally had sex after. Now it seems that we spend more time screwing than than running. I'm not complaining, she is an excellent lover. I have learned so much about her sexual preferences that I can confidently say that I satisfy her better than her husband.

We don't talk about our spouses very often, but it is mutually understood that neither of us is willing to leave our marriages. I love my wife very much and I am extremely happy with our life together, I don't cheat on her because we don't screw enough. I cheat on her because I enjoy the variety. The little glimpse of information I have about Mrs Legs sex life is all I need to know, and I completely understand why she strays. Her husband likes sex, but he doesn't want to stray from his norm, which is her on her back, him pounding away until he gets off, then he rolls over and goes to sleep. I've met him a few times, he likes that she has someone to hang out with in the mornings when she goes out. He's a nice guy, and every time I see him I just want to let him know that he needs to cowboy up, pull his dick out of his vagina, and learn what his wife wants from him. If he would do that then I wouldn't be nailing her on his bed after he leaves for work.

In her three years of marriage she has had two partners before me. One she said, in her words, Fucked like a champ, but was more interested in trying to get caught by her husband than anything else. the second guy was a friend of a friend, and he became very possessive over her, which would have lead to disaster had the relationship persisted.

Shortly after our first encounter we had a serious conversation about what each of us wanted from the other. We both want sex, with someone we can talk to. No relationship, no games, if it happens it happens, if not, oh well there is always tomorrow.

So we went running this morning. I drove to her house and parked in her driveway like I always do. Her husband was long gone. She was dressed in a pair of boy shorts that just barely covered her ass. Her shirt was one of those tight under armor shirts that are very form fitting, and a sun visor. Nothing matched, but she still looked good. I wore my usual running shorts and t-shirt. Neither of us were trying to impress the other.

After stretching in her living room (which with us can almost be considered foreplay) we shot out the front door and down the street. We probably ran about a mile before we turned around to make the mile run back. It was the same route we had run a dozen times before, but we still make the same commentary about the houses we pass and the neighborhood in general. Almost at her house we slow to a walk and stop in her front lawn to do some cool down stretches.

She followed me up her front stairs to the door and I let myself in. As soon as I see that she is through the door I close it behind her and immediately turn my attention to her, pinning her against her door, kissing her neck as she runs her hands up my torso. We had been here before, my lips on her neck really gets her off. I can feel her taking deeper breaths as my hands move up from her hips under her shirt lifting it as I go. As soon as I get her shirt and bra above her tits I lower my head between them. I run my tongue slowly licking one breast carefully avoiding her nipple as my hand cups the other.

My dick is hard. Her breasts are firm, they hold their shape nicely. She reached down to grab me but I pull back not wanting to let her touch me just yet. I've had enough of her chest so I start working my way down. For some reason I just run my nose down her stomach until I get to her shorts. With both hands I pull them off, my face as close to her ever more exposed abdomen as I can be without touching her. When her shorts are around her ankles she does he best to step out of them but they didn't quite fit over one of her sneakers. I'm on my knees in front of her. I can see she wants to reach down and pull it off, but I spread her legs before she can reach down. I place my lips over her slightly hanging clit, and give it a small kiss before I start to move my tongue in circles around her hood. This continues for a few minutes, and she inches her back lower and lower on the door, raising her hips to meet me. We start moving unison. Without her noticing it I pull the rubber I had stashed in my pocket out and put it on.

Then I tell her to turn around. She knows what I'm about to do, and complies. I raise my dick to her pussy. I love the way she feels when I rub it against her and shes completely wet. Her ass is arched almost as far as she can to make it easy for me to work my way in, both her hands are flat against the door and I place mine over hers. I don't go fast, but I push hard, and she pushes back leaning her head against the door.

When I can hear her starting to breath hard I take my hand and move it down passing across her chest down to her pussy. I can feel myself almost ready to cum when I'm playing with her So I slow myself down and pull out until the only thing that is left in her is my head. I can feel her getting close too. With everything I can muster I push into her hard lifting her to her toes. Then she reached down to grab my hand letting me know to stop, but I don't remove my hand from her pussy. I just hold it there squeezing her lips together as she orgasms. She tightens her muscles around my dick, the feeling lets me know its OK to cum. I feel her fingers massaging my balls as I insert myself as hard as I can. I say her name in an almost angry tone and squeeze her lips together at the same time.

She took herself off of me, turned around and bent down on her knees. I had already finished so she pulls the condom off and starts licking me clean. I really like this, its the best way to finish and she likes the taste of my juices.

I follow her into the living room having not made it past the front door yet and take my shirt off and sit down on the floor in her living room. She followed me, taking the rest of her clothes off before sitting between my legs. We talked about what we both had to do the rest of the day and made tentative plans to go out again Friday morning.

I still had over an hour before I was expected to be in my office. So we sat there, her in my arms caressing her naked body. For some reason I noticed that she hadn't taken her sun visor or her sneakers off. I'm not sure why but I found it rather amusing that she was sitting there naked except for those. We fucked once more before I took a quick shower and hurried into work.

At 10:00 I couldn't remember if I had taken the used condoms with me or if she had said she would take care of them. I sent her a text letting her know I think I forgot my socks. She replied that she took care of them.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I Run

I run three to five days a week. It feels good to run, just you and the pavement. I don't run for time or distance, I go until I feel like turning around. Some days I will go to work early and run there, sometimes I will run near home, and there are days that I will just go to a new neighborhood and try something new.

This past spring I decided to make a wrong turn and see if I could find a shortcut through a housing development. In that housing development I bumped into a very beautiful girl who was out for a jog and asked for directions. Neither of us stopped running and we started talking. After what seemed like an eternity she started to walk so I slowed down along side her. After a few pleasantries we exchanged phone numbers and told each other that we would call and make plans to go for a jog together again. Since then we have ran together many times, she is a great person to talk to very attractive, and ready to go. Every time we went running after that I would drive to her house, and park my car so we could start together.

Any time you have two people of opposite sex together who are attracted to each other the topic of sex will come up. For us we got into a discussion about what we do after we are done running. I always go take a warm shower to relax my body and clean myself off. She said that the first thing she does when she gets home is to masturbate. This took me completely off guard, and that was the last thing said between us remotely sexual in nature. One day a few weeks later I mentioned to her that I was running late and needed to hurry home so I can get to work, She said that she would be happy to let me use her shower, and I was more than happy take her up on her offer.

She showed me around her house pointing out all the major rooms and where the towels were located across from the bathroom. I took a towel and went into the bathroom. I turned on the shower so that it stung when I stepped under it. I stood there for a minute just feeling the water run off my back. Then the door opened I could see her naked silhouette as she walked across the bathroom to slide open the shower door. I didn't move as she stepped in and offered to clean me.

I couldn't hide my satisfaction as my penis slowly extended itself. She started by lathering up a loofah and sliding it across my chest, at the same time motioning for me to turn around. Her hands slid up my back and across each shoulder, slowly scrubbing me clean, her hands moved around me and I could feel her breasts press up against me. I lowered my head just in time to see her grab my fully erect dick. As she started to slowly slide the palm of her hand up and down my shaft I reached back to feel her hips and pull her closer. I just stood there holding her close as she slowly stroked me with the water running down my back. She continued until I shut the water off and stepped out of the shower and grabbed the single towel.

I started to dry her off as she stood there completely naked. When I was done she did the same to me, she started with my chest, reaching around to do my back and butt, then she got down on her knees. Knowing what she was about to do I closed my eyes and took a breath. I felt her lips engulf the tip of my dick, her tongue meeting it as she slid it in her mouth. She didn't stop drying my legs off while she continued to lick me. I didn't touch her at all, I just stood there while she slid my shaft into her mouth.

Finally I had enough, I couldn't wait any longer and I motioned for her to pull back. She reached into the cabinet behind her and pulled out a condom, opened the package and slid it over me. I sat down on the toilet and leaned back, I had her hand in mine and pulled her to meet me. She stepped around my legs until my cock was touching her pussy, for a second she stood there with an almost evil grin on her face, I could see in her eyes that she was telling me to relax and that she would do all the work. I just lay back and relax as she pleasured herself on me moving me in and out. Then she just sat down with all her weight on my pelvis. I tightened my abs so that she could rub her clit on my stomach. I could feel the way her body tensed up that she was about to cum for me so I slid my hands up, away from where I had rested them on her thighs. I pulled her hips back and forth as she leaned forward and rested her head on my shoulders. I closed my eyes. I heard her inhale at the same time a gush of her juices gathered at the base of my dick. That set me off, knowing that she was satisfied, I finally let myself go. She could feel it too, my dick pulsing inside her as I came, somehow she knew to pull up and start sliding me in and out of her as vigorously as she could.

As soon as I was done she stoop up and walked out of the bathroom closing the door behind her. I was completely surprised. I enjoyed it completely, and I sat there for a minute taking it all in. I was alone in her bathroom, and realized that I needed to hurry so I quickly washed myself off in the shower again, got dressed and walked out into the hallway. The house was empty. i called out her name a few times but nobody answered. the only trace of her I found there was a note on the front door that read "thanx - lock the door behind you and take this with you".

She sent me a text message this afternoon asking I I wanted to go for a run with her tomorrow.

TMI Tuesday #156 - Foresight

I have been following other folks blogs for a while now, and always thought that these were interesting.  

1. What do you do that sends a clear signal to your partner that you're interested in an intimate evening?

Depends on the day and the mood, there are times when a good back massage shows interest, there are times when pulling down her pants and just licking her pussy, and then there are the more romantic ways, candles flowers, stuff like that.

2. How important is foreplay to an exciting evening?

Foreplay is the key to success, it cant replace the actual act of sex, but it sets the mood. Sex can be good without it, or it can be great with it. Foreplay is about exploring each other, satisfying your own needs, the needs of your partner, or both. And, most importantly, it is just plain fun.

3. What is the first thing you do during foreplay or what is the first thing you like done to you?

Kissing is almost always the start. There is much information you can get from a kiss, and it will, at least with me, tell me or her where we need to go. f I'm in a very passionate mood then the kissing can be passionate, if I'm in a down and dirty mood, it's easy to tell. I always try and see where my partner wants to go with the kiss, usually I can figure out where she wants to go.

4. Are you a one and done kind of partner (20 minutes or so) or do you like intimacy sessions longer than 60 minutes?

Most days yes. When the mood is right, there is time left in the day, and all parties are up to the task. There are some days, like this past Sunday evening where we started early, and ended late. I know I did actually get to bed around 4 am Monday morning. Monday evening was fast, I was tired so was she.

BONUS: If you are interested in sex with a same-sex partner, what would be the first thing you'd like to touch on that other person, and why? (For those already in same sex relationships...what was the first thing you touched, or if you were interested in a relationship with the opposite sex, what would be the first thing you touched?)

Sorry, just not interested.

Monday, October 13, 2008

The best laid plans

I woke up this morning thinking of VJ. VJ is  a single mother, who has been in a steady on/off relationship with her BF (Dman) for almost as long as I have known her, her son's father was never really there, but does pop his head in every once in a while to try and play daddy. I had a crush on her in high school, but nothing ever happened because I was with Jewlez, and I was too stupid to see what was in front of me.

Anyway, almost 3 years ago VJ finds me on Myspace (cool I love talking to people from my past)! Fast forward through a year and a half of flirting, some very innocent meetings and online conversations, to her birthday, fall of 2007. She had a birthday party which she invites me to, and I am more than happy to attend. Her and Dman got into a small fight that night which ended with him leaving the bar very early. I am always a big flirt so I stepped up to the plate, buy her a few drinks of liquid courage,  and the rest is a story for another day.

Fast forward to today. I wake up late, do some housework, and jump on the computer to see how the markets are doing (thankfully good). I send a message to VJ on AIM....

TWIAP (11:06:57 AM):hey sexy
Auto Response from VJ (11:06:57 AM): In a lot of pain. Laying in bed watching TV, signed on with my phone. Message me if you want 
TWIAP (11:06:59 AM): ? 
VJ (11:08:42 AM): I don't think so heh 
TWIAP (11:08:49 AM): why what did you do? 
VJ (11:10:53 AM): I was a week late for my period. I took 2 home pregnancy tests and both were negative. But I kept having what felt like pregnancy symptoms. So I went to my doctor, he set up an appointment for meto get blood work at a lab today. I got my period this morning, but I'm bleeding a lot and I'm in a lot of pain 
VJ (11:12:00 AM): Mind you the last time I got a cramp or a warning sign my period was on its way was when we were in S-town
VJ (11:13:12 AM): The blood work was also supposed to check to see if I was pregnant, but I guess I can rule that out 
VJ (11:13:27 AM): The other tests are to see if my hormones are all out of whack 
TWIAP (11:13:59 AM): ouch 
TWIAP (11:14:17 AM): shoot, and I was gonna ask to see you today 
VJ (11:14:31 AM): Really? 
TWIAP (11:14:40 AM): yeh 
VJ (11:14:42 AM): That's funny you metioned that actually lol 
TWIAP (11:14:50 AM): why 
VJ (11:15:05 AM): Dman wanted me to give you a blowjob and video tape it for him haha 
VJ (11:15:09 AM): We were talking all night 
VJ (11:15:17 AM): Irony 
TWIAP (11:15:18 AM): we can do that 
VJ (11:15:26 AM): Lol 
TWIAP (11:15:38 AM): but I wear my shirt and a hat 
TWIAP (11:15:44 AM): we can do that 
VJ (11:16:17 AM): Ok, but come sometime later. I didn't sleep at all last night 
TWIAP (11:16:24 AM): yeh me neither 
VJ (11:16:54 AM): Oh, plus I had to fast for 12hrs for these damn tests 
VJ (11:17:09 AM): No food, no sleep, cramps 
VJ (11:17:19 AM): I feel like dog crap 
TWIAP (11:17:27 AM): well now 
VJ (11:17:29 AM): I'm gonna nap for a lil bit 
TWIAP (11:17:46 AM): ok I was gonna bring the bike up since you want a ride so bad 
VJ (11:18:37 AM): You have such shitty timing lol 
TWIAP (11:18:43 AM): yeh I know 
TWIAP (11:19:13 AM): how does 3 sound? 
VJ (11:19:17 AM): I'm gonna nap, eat and see how I feel 
VJ (11:19:33 AM): Too early lol 
TWIAP (11:19:38 AM): ach!!! 
VJ (11:19:41 AM): Maybe 4 or 5 
TWIAP (11:19:50 AM): 4 sounds good too 
VJ (11:19:52 AM): Haha 
VJ (11:19:59 AM): Ok 
TWIAP (11:20:19 AM): i'll send you a text when I'm getting ready to leave 
VJ (11:20:47 AM): Ok 
TWIAP (11:20:50 AM): ok 
TWIAP (11:20:53 AM): sleep well 
TWIAP (11:20:56 AM): and dream of me 
VJ (11:21:17 AM): Haha 
VJ (11:21:23 AM): Thnx 
TWIAP (11:21:28 AM): yourr welcome 
TWIAP (11:21:34 AM): now go get your rest

Well in the end it didn't work out. I went half way out to her place, and got a text letting me know that she was feeling real bad after her nap and that she wasn't up to it.  I wound up stopping by my brothers house and staying there for a little while. Not exactly how I wanted the day to work out.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

I have been unfaithfull to my wife

I have been unfaithfull to my wife, from day one. When we first started to sleep together I already had a girlfriend (Mrs Camaro), I made no secret of this, and she knew when I would see Mrs Camaro. My wife and I had been sleeping with each other for 6 months when I asked her to marry me.

At this point I had never stopped seeing Mrs Camaro, but that relationship was going no where. Mrs Camaro had moved following her job and we saw each other infrequently, partly due to distance, partly due to her roommate who was just a complete bitch and hated the fact that Mrs Camaro had a sex life and she didn't. Her roommate was a beautiful girl, but had a bad attitude towards men in general, and would always brood and complain over her idiot of the day. 

I had originally met Mrs Camaro at Woodstock99 (it was a great party),  I had met her with my girlfriend at the time, Jewlez, and the three of us became VERY good friends right away. After Woodstock we kept in touch and after Jewlez and I fell apart we hit it off big time. She is an incredible girl with the body of a model and a personality to match. We were never very serious and our relationship was more about sex than anything else.

She taught me more about being a lover than a dude with a dick than anyone else. Before her I would just get in hammer away get off and be done. She was the girl that taught me how to go down on a girl, I learned real fast from her that the hole is not the goal. Every time we talk she always manages to remind me how she would just wrap her thighs around my head and pull my hair so as to draw me in. In the begining when we had sex it was just straight sex, missionary, me on top nothing more, nothing less. At the time I was the man, looking back at it I was boring, fast and shitty in bed. The one day it all changed is easy to remember, it was the day before Christmas of 99. I walked into her room and she was wearing a very tight black corset with small black low rider panties to match. She beat me up. She fucked me hard, rode me hurt me. It was good memorable sex, sex that you remember for years. At the end of it she said "next time you fuck me be a real man and take control". 

The next time we met I tried, and failed. But she was patient with me. She would give me instructions and make special requests, and I would comply. Slowly through trial and error I learned what she liked, I learned about her boundaries, and mine. She taught me that the real goal of sex isn't to get off, the real goal is to leave the other person wanting more.

On a completely different note, I'm a huge fan of VH1's reality shows. I'm watching charm school 2 right now, which has a cast of 20 beautiful girls, all probably in their 20's, and Sharon Osbourne who is the "headmaster". Out of all the women on the show Sharon is by far the sexiest lady there. And while all the girls on the show are closer to my age, and by far much more attractive, Sharon has a way about her that none of them can touch. 

This is where it starts

This is where it starts.

I have come to realise alot about myself in the past few years. The first is that there are quite a few things I enjoy doing , the second is that I have alot of secrets, and finally the third is that everything weighs very heavy on my soul. I really only have one person that I can talk to about my secrets, and we don't talk nearly enough. She is a girl who I have known for most of my life, she was also my girlfriend for most of my youth. I'll write about her more another day, but for now she is special to me.

The other thing that I have learned is that I am an addict. A sex addict to be more precise. I love women, the sound of their voice, the feel of their skin, the way their hips sway when they walk, smooth silky hair, eyes, everything. I cant get enough of it. The most incredible feeling in the world is when a girl has those deep eyes that you can look right into her soul and know what shes thinking,  and its even better when she is saying "I want you inside me".

I recently discovered a site, AM. This is going to be fun. I have tried craigslist, but I find it to be very annoying, and also a very small group of people, who for some reason all know each other.  NN is another good site, but to create any relationships you really have to leave yourself out in the open (lots of pics of yourself). NN is more about showing yourself to the community.

The world is a playground and I'm just a kid playing tag.