Saturday, December 13, 2008

TMI Tuesday, or a little too late

Excuse me while I write this, my brain isn't functioning correctly right now, I have been awake for almost 40 hours, flying for 30 hours, 2 layovers, it's midnight here, and the next leg of my flight leaves at 5am then the leg after that at 1:30 in the afternoon. My day is long, and I don't think I will be able to sleep much.

1. Do you consider sexy underthings a present for you or your partner?

I can't really say yes to this one, they look good, and can be fun to dress and undress, but in the grand scheme of my day I don't care. It doesn't make a difference if she is wearing a sexy outfit that matches top to bottom or not. Yes it can be quite arrousing to look at, but I have never in my life seen an outfit and been really excited over it.

2. What are 3 characteristics of "your type"? Have you best relationship(s) been with your type or when you have gone against it?

I can tell you how I want a woman to look, but that is just a bit too easy. I want the normal things, she needs to laugh at my bad jokes, get me a drink when I'm too lazy to get up, enjoys laying her head on my lap when we watch a movie, needs to want to fuck like a rabbit, and enjoys sitting in bed doing absolutely nothing for a morning.

3. What is on your Santa list this year?

I really dont want anything, I have a habit of buying something if I see it. The only thing that I really want at the moment is one of those electronic books. My flight today had me lugging around 4 books in my bag, 3 of which were finished already. I wish i could carry 100 books in the little gizmo and not have to worry about running out of material.

4. Generally speaking, who has historically had a higher libido, you or your partner(s)?

Generally me, but my wife almost always gives me what I want, there are some days I think she just knows that I will be looking for some fun and waits for me to start.

5. The unsculptured female bush seems to have passed from fashion. What about men, do you think they need to trim and shave "down there"?

I shave, I shave it all except for a small strip from my belly button down to about an inch from the base of my shaft. I expect my woment to shave, and I do the same in turn.

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