Thursday, February 5, 2009

The end of Mrs Legs

So she dropped the bombshell on me this morning.

I had been avoiding her a little, due to the fact that I had been gone for over a month and I really wanted to spend time with my wife. I did manage to sneak in a few quickies here and there but I could tell that there was something on her mind. Then last week she just dissapeared off the face of the earth. I figured something just came up and brushed it off thinking that she was busy.

Last night she asks if I wanted to meet for breakfast at IHOP. Then it hit me, something is wrong. Damn. I met her there, ordered food, and made small talk. How 'ya been, what 'ya been up to? Light conversation, nothing beyond the superficial.

Then after we finished eating, her face just turned completely white, and she starts talking about her marriage, and where that is going. Apparently her husband starting to bring up the idea of children a few months back, and that he's pretty adamant about the fact that he wants to raise some little ones. He even tried to get her to get off the pill. She has been lying to him saying that she is off birth control, which made him go to a doctor to get his sperm checked, and it came out fine. Now he wants her to go to the fertility doctor, in which case her husband will find out that she is still on birth control.

To make this very long story a short one, she doesn't want children yet. BUT for now she wants to cool things off between the two of us for a while until she gets this figured out. I agree that us spending less time together is probably a good idea given everything that is going on.

To be quite honest the cooling off period lasted until we walked out of the reasturant and I jokingly asked if she wanted a quickie before we part ways. I hadn't finished talking before she yelled 'YES' and we were sprawled in the most uncomfortably cramped position in her back seat, parked behind IHOP.

The cooling off period starts now...

EDIT: After writing this I realized how depressed I have been all day.


A Secret Freak said...

Ahhh.. Well, as you know. this is prolly a good thing for a while.. Besides, it will free you up for some new adventures!
If nothing else, I could get you out of that depression.. at least for a little while..

The World is a Playground said...