Sunday, February 22, 2009

I did a good-ish deed

I went away last week for work, and lo and behold I went out to dinner with a work friend who decided that I needed to hear every problem in her marriage. Over the course of dinner and a few drinks after she told me everything that was wrong with it. To be honest I spent the entire time trying to figure out a nice way to tell her to shut up and lets go back to our respective rooms and go to sleep for the night. But, to my dismay I just could not find a nice way to tell her that I wasn't interested. The life she described reminds me of Mrs Seduction of Infidelity, except she had larger and more serious marital issues, mostly due to a serious lack of communication on both their parts, and the fact that he completely ignores her. I've always done my best to avoid giving advice, for two reason, first off I suck at it, and secondly I don't want to be responsible.

She kept asking for my thoughts, to the point that I felt so bad for her that I told her she needed to just get another boyfriend on the side. Incidentaly it also came out that they both had cheated on each other, and both found out before the others infidelity. Like I said they really need help. Toward the end of the conversation she had asked me to go back to her room to grab some work related items before we both fly home the next day.

I follow her back to her room, and we finish off a small bottle of whisky that she had sitting in the room, and as I get ready to leave I put my hands on her shoulder and start to rub them real quick while I say goodbye. That was my mistake I should have just left and walked out, but instead I listened to her tell me how goo it felt.

She is an attractive person, and very cool to talk to, but all the baggage that she brought with her was just a complete turn off for me. Instead I just kept massaging her shoulders while I contemplated my escape. Then I notice that one hand is rubbing a breast, the other lightly caressing her inner thigh. Usually a situation like this is a complete turn on for me, except I didn't want to be there, but I didn't stop. Instead I leaned in and started to kiss her neck, and I let my hands find their way around her body. Caressing her breast and unbuttoning her pants I got her worked up, and she led me to the bed while we both undressed.

The next thing that happened should have sealed the deal for me, but being very drunk I ignored it and kept going. The worst turn off I can think of is unkempt pubic hair. She did trim the edges, I'll give her that but it was long and needed to be trimmed.

I did get into bed with her and over the course of the next few minutes I was able to enter what is possible the best feeling vagina I have ever felt, (minus the hair) for this reason and this reason alone did I stay the night. She really did feel good and she knew how to use her body. In fact I would say that the intercourse could have been great. After our first time she asked me if I mind her call me by her husbands name. It bothered me but I said yes and we had sex again.

In what could be possibly the most fucked up sexual experience of my life she talked to me like I was her husband, using his name. The entire time her eyes closed. I could only think that she was imagining her husband above her not me.

After we were done, we lay there in bed while she made believe I was her husband, and I played along until we both fell asleep.

The next morning we did sit down and talk about the need for both of us to keep this just between the two of us. In fact i think she was more nervous about the possibility of being caught than I was. She kept apologizing to me for seducing me and telling me that she was sorry for making me cheat on my wife.

Looking back on it, I should have just gone back to my room and called it a night, but she did say that she felt great and she thanked me for playing along. She told me that for just one night she felt like her life was still perfect. That comment made me feel good, like I did something good for her. I'm not really sure what to make of it, because I really didn't enjoy myself other than the fact that when I left her room that morning, she had a glow about her that I'd never seen in her before.


Ms. Inconspicuous said...

In what could be possibly the most fucked up sexual experience of my life she talked to me like I was her husband, using his name. The entire time her eyes closed. I could only think that she was imagining her husband above her not me.

That is incredibly sad (in the heartbreaking, not pathetic kind of way). Maybe it would have been best had you not gone there, but maybe she just needed to pretend for a while.

[Oh, and I'm not seeing the similarities here, mister. :P ]

Hubman said...

She used his name with you? That is all sorts of fucked-up! No way would I have been able to do that.

Is this work friend a co-worker you see on daily basis? God I hope not...

[btw, update your blogroll, my blog has moved...]

Riff Dog said...

Now that is not one I've heard before! The whole pretend I'm her husband thing might be a tough one to stay "motivated" through. My hat's off to you!

The World is a Playground said...

Ms I:

She is only similar to you so far as to say that her husband doesn't seem to want to be sexually active with her. From what she says he's very occupied with work, and if he isn't working he's sleeping.


She's the southeastern manager for a division of my company, I am the northeastern manager, basically we have the same job in different regions of the country. We rarely talk or see each other except maybe two or three times a year.


Trust me, it wasn't my best work, I didn't try to make it last longer than it should have. There are plenty of ways to stay motivated, pulling out and going back to foreplay, imagining dead kittens, take a little bit extra time to change positions. I did none of it. Plus alcohol has a way of changing your immediate perception on the world.Each time only lasted a short while, maybe 10 or 15 minutes.

I did talk to her on yahoo after our encounter and she asked me if it would bother me to the point that I might get a case of the guilts and talk about it. Which I surely would not. Not wanting to make her feel bad I also lied and said I really enjoyed it. :(

Lilly said...

I'm sorry, I just don't see how this was a "good-ish deed". You led her on, lied about liking it, and the whole pretending thing....that's just not right, for her psyche.