Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A most excellent weekend

After my depression last week I really needed a pick me up. I suggested to my wife that I had been under a lot of stress and really needed a night out by myself, just to blow off some steam. Little did she know that I had been invited to spend the night with Mrs Camaro in Atlantic City. She had a comp room and was more than happy to have me join her for the evening.

We went out and really just enjoyed ourselves. We drank a little too much, and put on a huge display of PDA in one of the hotel clubs (at one point she had me taking shots from shot glasses she had tucked in her cleavage). I did great at the roulette tables, and was able to walk away with much more than I started with.

This new found and extremely disposable allowed us to have lots of fun with the hotel room service folks. She had the hilarious idea for me to answer the door and let the guy while she was standing there with a too small to fit towel exposing herself. Then she finished the delivery by checking to see if the guy noticed, and by checking I mean she walked up to him and copped a feel.

I have more to write about this evening later, for now I need to get some rest. Needless to say I feel much better.

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Hubman said...

Sounds like Mrs. Camaro is a lot of fun! Looking forward to hearing more about this young lady...