Tuesday, February 3, 2009

She left marks!

I get to work this morning, and the first thing my partner says to me is that I have teeth marks at the base of my neck, just barely visible above my collar. I should be worried right? I played it off, with a funny comment and went about my day as usual.

My day started off early this morning, I woke up, went out for a run (in the snow, eeek!). At her house I walked let myself in, climbed up the stairs to her bedroom, undressing myself as I made my way, and slid under the sheets, my arm embracing her tightly. She was surprised to see me, she wasn't expecting me.

I was ready to go from the moment I hit the mattress, I know she could feel me poking her in the back, while my hands started to rub her back. Instead of just laying there enjoying the free back rub, she told me to lay on my stomache, so she could give me a rub down. I rolled over like a dog waiting for a treat. Her hand immediately started to knead my shoulders.

Then sudden pain. Her teeth sunk into my back, and not just a little bite, one of those bites that caused me to try and pull myself away from her. Then she realeased, appologizing with a lick of her tounge. Some more kneading and rubbing, then another bite, this time directly between my shoulders, her nails felt like they wcould tear through my skin as they sunk in. I could tell that she was squeezing nad biting with all her might. My body attempted to move, to get away, instead I just lay there as if to ask for more.

This went on for another 20 minutes, she would bite, then scratch, then sink her nails in. I could feel my skin swell with each movement as she dug in. I enjoyed every second of it.

I'm glad I married her or I might have been in a little trouble.


A Secret Freak said...

Wow.. that was completely out of the blue! Is she normally this ..aggressive? Did you enjoy it? It sounds very arousing to me, especially to be so unexpected!

Spin said...

Yes indeed, good thing you are married to her.
Oh what fun though to get so aggressive. So unexpectedly?

The World is a Playground said...

She bit me lightly a while back, and I told her what I thought of it. The rest was all her