Tuesday, October 21, 2008

When it all goes bad

WARNING - If you don't want to read about some bad sex just stop here and go back.

This morning I wrote an entry for TMI Tuesday. Without really thinking about it I wrote about a sexual experience I had a few years ago. My cousin came to stay with me for a long weekend of skiing, and she brought a friend with her. We had a great time, stayed in an apartment in the Poconos. The skiing was great, although they both sucked at it and I had to really take it easy so I wouldn't loose them.

Our last night there we drank a little, not much at all really. But as things would have it we started to fool around. My cousin got the idea real fast and left us alone. Lots of kissing and touching and feeling. I pulled her pants off on with the full intention of eating her out.

She was in good shape, I could tell by her body that she worked out, she was tone, not muscular, but tone. She definitely took care of herself, and she had an incredible body, and she was great at flirting, and even better at foreplay.

I had her pants off and all she was wearing was a pair of undies. I kissed her legs on my way back up. I pulled the only garment she had left. I think that at that exact moment was the most disappointing moment of my life. I could not believe the tangle of hair ahead of me. Now I don't mind hair, in fact a little hair can be good, but it has got to be trimmed, shaven, shortened, something.

I had already abandoned my original oral plan, it just was not in the cards anymore, I love to lick pussy, but it has to be taken care of. So I moved on to plan B, sex. I moved back up and inserted myself into her. It was bad, in fact it was downright terrible. I just could not get over the fact that I could feel her pubic hair wrap itself around my dick. It was like a brillo pad, and it itched.

I was so disgusted by it that after a minute, and what seemed like an eternity, I had had enough. I just stopped, pulled out and jumped at the first towel I saw. I made believe that I finished in the towel. I sat on the end of the bed with a raging hard on, a beautiful, willing, and quite naked girl next to me, and I didn't want to touch her.

It wouldn't go down.

Nothing I did would make it go down. I could have fucked her for hours, and I had no motivation. It was the worst sex of my life, and I faked it.


There really is more to the story than that. But for the sake of actually telling what happened that's it. But...

After she realized that I wasn't going down, she practically begged for another go. I just couldn't bring myself to do it. It really was that bad. After *her* bad experience, the rumor mill among my cousins circle of friends was that I was terrible. It was basically the scarlet letter for that incredibly beautiful group of girls and for a few years I couldn't get any of them to even look at me.

When my cousin got married I was an usher, and HPG was a bridesmaid. You could see the tension between us a mile away, and my cousin, being nosey, begged me to finally tell what happened between the two of us. So I did. She broke out laughing about it, then at the after party she drank too much and started telling the story over and over.

And for HPG, it stands for Hairy Pussy Girl, as I have referred to her ever since. Yes ladies, please, please, do anything, just please don't let your bush turn into a forest.


Anonymous said...


Let that be a warning to us all...

Lilly said...


I never ever ever let it get that way anymore...only when I was young and had zero experience.

Ms. Inconspicuous said...


Oh geeze. I don't suppose you could have passed off a hair trimmers or a shaving kit as part of the foreplay package, could you have?