Thursday, October 16, 2008

It's 1:37 in the morning and I cant sleep.

I just finished having sex with my wife. It was good. Better than good.

She wound up going to bed around 10pm and I stayed in the living room. By the time watching TV. By the time I made it upstairs she was already fast asleep. I wasn't. I took a shower, brushed my teeth, and stumbled clumsily into our bedroom She wore a big t-shirt and no pants. I could see she was waiting for me to meet her but she fell asleep too soon. I was horny and she was laying there.

I slipped under the sheet tripping over a bag of unfolded laundry. Her legs were already spread and I was able to crawl right up to her. I didn't wait right away I licked her lips and slid my tongue straight down line between them. I think she might have moaned but I knew she wasn't asleep.

I continued to lick her clit, not stoping for anything. Once in a while her hands or legs would move or she would take a deep breath, but she didn't wake.

As I continued her hips would move up and down as if to ask me for more. With each stroke of my tongue she moved a little more. I couldn't help but to play with myself too. The taste of her pussy is a familiar one, I like it. Then when I wasn't expecting it a hand moved through my hair. My eyes opened and I could see her other hand caressing her nipple. Then she moaned. Her back arched and she pulled away from me, but I followed. I wasn't about to stop, I enjoy her cumming for me, I like the taste, the feel of her wetness on my face as I bury my mouth in her.

When she was done I could feel her hands were pulling on my skin begging me to meet her face to face. I refuse I pulled back so that the only part or me was my tongue against her clit. She asked me to fuck her, she wanted me in her. I told her no. I wouldn't let my dick in her until I was ready, I was ready. It's hard for me to hold back so I reach down and started to stroke myself. I told her the only way she can get is is to cum for me again.

I slid my body over her still not touching her until we were face to face. then I kissed her, not hard or long, I just licked her tongue adn pulled away. The only part of me touching her is my dick, firmly planted at the entrance to her pussy, but I wasn't going to go in. I told her that she had to cum for me again.

Two fingers is all it would take. By the time my mouth was near her abdomen I had two fingers in her. I wasn't trying to be gentle adn pushed into her. her whole body moved up and when she came back I was waiting to taste her again. I continued to do this at an ever faster rate. Then she said my name. My fingers were soaked. I pulled them out to taste them, and I licked my hand clean.

I can't, nor would I try to begin to tell you how I felt. I didn't need to be in her, I could cum if I wanted to. I was that close. But she needed me to. I shoved myself in. Instinctively my hand grabbed the headboard to help me thrust.

She is the only girl that has ever made me orgasm, not just cum, orgasm. Tonight she got me off. I might have been telling her what to do, but she was in total control. As I pulled my dick out I felt it moving over me, a tingling sensation almost like I lost feeling in my limbs. I could feel my heart racing fast each time I pressed into her, pushing us both until we are against the headboard. The sensation that skips through my body is so strong I don't even realise I had released.

I slow to a complete stop laying all my weight on her. I didn't pull out yet, nor was I completely hard. My hand was still firmly grasping the headboard and wouldn't let itself go. I needed a second to rest, to relax.

My wife is the only person that can do that for me. I don't want anyone else to do it for me. That is reserved for her.

The time is now 2:11 am and I am wide awake. I had a cigarette a few minutes ago. My nerves are shot and I'm about to smoke another. I can still feel my hand twitching on it's own, my back is sore from being so tense and it hurts from where she dug her hands into my shoulder. I'm not going to be able to sleep tonight.


Anonymous said...

Lovely story.

And I can't help it: I'm soooooo envious of people who have hot married sex. Or any kind of married sex.

Ms. Inconspicuous said...

I'm also in the ridiculously-jealous-of-spousal-sex category.

I mean, good for you--GREAT for you, and this sounds awesome. But still. *grits teeth*

The World is a Playground said...

It was long night and I had a very busy day at work, which made for as shitty day. We do have sex alot, though most of it is, well, normal.

As I type this though she is at the liquor store getting some good wine (in a box!).