Sunday, October 12, 2008

I have been unfaithfull to my wife

I have been unfaithfull to my wife, from day one. When we first started to sleep together I already had a girlfriend (Mrs Camaro), I made no secret of this, and she knew when I would see Mrs Camaro. My wife and I had been sleeping with each other for 6 months when I asked her to marry me.

At this point I had never stopped seeing Mrs Camaro, but that relationship was going no where. Mrs Camaro had moved following her job and we saw each other infrequently, partly due to distance, partly due to her roommate who was just a complete bitch and hated the fact that Mrs Camaro had a sex life and she didn't. Her roommate was a beautiful girl, but had a bad attitude towards men in general, and would always brood and complain over her idiot of the day. 

I had originally met Mrs Camaro at Woodstock99 (it was a great party),  I had met her with my girlfriend at the time, Jewlez, and the three of us became VERY good friends right away. After Woodstock we kept in touch and after Jewlez and I fell apart we hit it off big time. She is an incredible girl with the body of a model and a personality to match. We were never very serious and our relationship was more about sex than anything else.

She taught me more about being a lover than a dude with a dick than anyone else. Before her I would just get in hammer away get off and be done. She was the girl that taught me how to go down on a girl, I learned real fast from her that the hole is not the goal. Every time we talk she always manages to remind me how she would just wrap her thighs around my head and pull my hair so as to draw me in. In the begining when we had sex it was just straight sex, missionary, me on top nothing more, nothing less. At the time I was the man, looking back at it I was boring, fast and shitty in bed. The one day it all changed is easy to remember, it was the day before Christmas of 99. I walked into her room and she was wearing a very tight black corset with small black low rider panties to match. She beat me up. She fucked me hard, rode me hurt me. It was good memorable sex, sex that you remember for years. At the end of it she said "next time you fuck me be a real man and take control". 

The next time we met I tried, and failed. But she was patient with me. She would give me instructions and make special requests, and I would comply. Slowly through trial and error I learned what she liked, I learned about her boundaries, and mine. She taught me that the real goal of sex isn't to get off, the real goal is to leave the other person wanting more.

On a completely different note, I'm a huge fan of VH1's reality shows. I'm watching charm school 2 right now, which has a cast of 20 beautiful girls, all probably in their 20's, and Sharon Osbourne who is the "headmaster". Out of all the women on the show Sharon is by far the sexiest lady there. And while all the girls on the show are closer to my age, and by far much more attractive, Sharon has a way about her that none of them can touch. 

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