Friday, October 17, 2008

This is what it's like when worlds colide

I woke up this morning and the gravity of how much I actually drank last night didn't hit me until I walked into Mrs Legs house. She was ready to go, and I was ready to sit. All I wanted to do was sit. So I did. Instead of going out we sat in her kitchen around the island talking. I gave her the full run down on what had happened the night before. She knew I was not ready to go out just yet, and she whipped up a batch of pancakes and bacon. It was almost homeley.

We just sat there talking about stuff, our relationship, where it was, where it was going (basically we are happy leaving things the way that they are). Although she did drop the bombshell that she would like to hang out in a more social setting sometimes, she though it would be fun to invite our SO's out with us. I am fairly leery of doing this just because it leaves too much to chance. A slipped word or a missplaced hand could be noticed to easily. I go through great lengths to keep the two lives of me apart, and this negates that completely. I didn't say no, but I didn't say yes either.

After my explanation of the previous nights activities she gave me a piece of information about her I didn't know. She paid for her college education as a stripper. She met her husband there too, he was a regular of hers, and eventually a few years later met in a social setting. It was a very arousing to know that she knew how to perform, which she offered to do for me one day soon.

Sex did happen but it was more of a lets do this, because thats why we are here. It wasn't bad either, and she did most of work for me. I didn't even have to get up from my chair.

Since our bombshell conversation this morning, I have been thinking about what is really going on in her mind, did she want to spend for time with me, or did she just want to hang out with some friends. I havn't decided what my answer is yet, it will probably be yes, but only for dinner or something along those lines, and we would have to have a serious conversation to get some details right so that both our SO's have the same story. My wife knows we run together in the morning, and her husband does too. But what else has been said?


Anonymous said...

You, jersey boy, are prolific. At blogging AND sex it appears....

I continue to read with interest...

The World is a Playground said...


This is actually the first time I am really writing (in a blog type format) whats on my mind. It's very addicting. In the past my internet activities have pretty much been limited to message boards that are highly moderated and PG13. It's nice to have free reign over what I say.