Friday, October 17, 2008

A bottle of white

Last night was an incredibly fun/long/drunken night. My wife decided that she would go to the liquor store to buy some wine and have a romantic night. It always makes for an interesting time when she comes up with these plans. She doesn't work and I get the feeling that she actually spends alot of time planning and plotting. Some of the stuff she comes up with can sometimes blow my mind.

She walked in the door with a little brown bag, and I could see the shape of an incredibly long and slender bottle of wine. At this point I din't know what she had on her mind, and I thought that she would come back with some vintage 2008 ye 'old box. Not today, she had in her hand a bottle of Vendi (sp?) white. Sitting on the couch she brought me a glass and flipped through the channels looking for the movie that she was expecting to find. For some reason she never found it, and instead settled on Robin Hood: Men in Tights, which is one of the funniest movies I can think of. We had a drunken good time laughing for two hours, which ruined her plan.

After the movie I stepped out the front door for a few minutes, we had finished off the whole bottle, and polished off a little scotch along with it. Walking back in the front door I stopped to see her laying on the couch with one hand down her pants , the other holding the tip of the bottle against her mouth. I could see what she was doing, but I just stood there unable to move, waiting to see what would happen next.

I was giddy, and walking from one end of the room to the other was almost a challenge. I kneeled at the bottom of the couch watching her play with herself, stuff like that gets me off. I wish I could see whats going on behind those eyes of hers. She slid her pants off to give me a better view.

The bottle was the perfect shape and size, and slid in well. I didn't move, didn't touch her, didn't participate. If she wanted me to join in, she would have let me know. It was exciting to watch, I imagine being the bottle.

I couldn't help myself so I put my hand the only place it wouldn't touch her. The show went on for quite some time and she knew exactly what pleased her most. Her toes would curl and she would moan, her thighs would close around her bottle wrapped hands. She finished before me and asked for a show of her own, which I was glad to give. When I was ready to blow she got off the couch as fast as she could and get down to meet me, she did not want any of my cum to go to waste. Her mouth wrapped around my dick and I gave her what she wanted, using the last glass of wine to wash the rest down.

As drunk as I was I knew that I had an appointment in the morning, to run at 7.

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