Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The best friends are old friends

So, today was my big date with Mrs Camaro. It didn't quite go as planned. First off I wound up being pretty late. I got stuck in a teleconference all afternoon, which pushed my whole day back. The two hours early I was going to skip out on work turned into an hour, add to that some traffic I ran into and all of a sudden I'm an hour and a half late. When I finally arrived to meet her at the library we were supposed to meet at, she wasn't even there. We wound up playing phone tag for another 15 minutes trying to find eachother, and it turned out that she got bored, ran to the store down the street.

We finally met a little over 2 hours after we were supposed to meet. The original plan was to get something quick to eat, then go back to her house to fool around. The food idea was quick to go, and I followed her to her place. Her son was with his father for the week so she had her apartment to herself. These types of days for her as a single mom are far and few between.

I followed her into her place, and right away she offers me some wine, which I gladly take. A lot of small talk and general catching up with each other since the last time we actually saw one another. She lives almost 2 hours away from me so finding time to actually meet up isn't exactly easy. Knowing the time constraints I was under I sent a text home letting my wife know that I would be late.

I was sitting on her couch and she came over and laid her head on my lap. I started to play with her hair while we talked some more. While we were talking my hands found her body. One hand playing with her hair, the other sliding my fingers under her shirt and across her stomach. Her hands following to match. My hands flirted with her body, moving around her clothes, not taking them off yet. She was wearing a very loose knee length skirt and it was easy for me to pull it up around her waist. While I was working my way around her, she did the same to me, opening my pants and pulling my dick out so she could play with it.

Then she just rolled over onto her knees, putting her bare ass out in the air. She completely ignored my dick and pulled my pants down around my knees. It's amazing how lovers who haven't been together for a long time still remember exactly what can push each others buttons. Her mouth quickly started to kiss my thighs while her hand wrapped itself around the base of my half hard cock. My hands continued to caress her lower back and play with her hair.

I knew I wanted to bring her back to her bedroom where we had a large bed to play on. Grabbing a full handful of hair I told her to follow me, and I dropped my pants on the floor, stripping off more and more of my clothes as I made my way to her room, she followed and stripped behind me.

She followed me into her room and stopped just inside the door to lean on the wall. I walked up to her and leaned in pulling her chin up to kiss me. My hands found their way to her breasts and she pulled me closer. This tit for tat went on for a little while longer, she would touch me and I would touch her to match. Until I had her on her knees between my legs with her back against the wall while I held my dick up so she could suck on my balls.

She was willing to do anything I wanted her to. I told her to go lay on the bed, and without hesitation she did. She got on all fours on her bed, playing with herself so I could see. I sat on the bed right in front of her and told her to get on top of me. She pulled the sheets over me while started to fuck her from below. It felt great to lift myself into her as hard as I could while she did her best to tighten her pussy around my dick. Her hands squeezing my shoulders as hard as she could while holding herself up. Then I came. She angled her hips so that while I was releasing my shaft was buried against her clit with just my head in her, and she finished me off with a long drawn out kiss.

We have been with together like this for almost 10 years on and off. I love having sex with her. She is incredible. We fit together perfectly and she is the person that really showed me how to have sex, how to really enjoy it.

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Anonymous said...

I can't wait until I have some old friends. New is good too. But I'm greedy.