Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sneakers and a sun visor

I ran today with Mrs Legs over the past few months that we have been together it seems that our relationship has changed. When we started running together it was about two people running together. Then we fucked, our relationship turned into two people who ran together and occasionally had sex after. Now it seems that we spend more time screwing than than running. I'm not complaining, she is an excellent lover. I have learned so much about her sexual preferences that I can confidently say that I satisfy her better than her husband.

We don't talk about our spouses very often, but it is mutually understood that neither of us is willing to leave our marriages. I love my wife very much and I am extremely happy with our life together, I don't cheat on her because we don't screw enough. I cheat on her because I enjoy the variety. The little glimpse of information I have about Mrs Legs sex life is all I need to know, and I completely understand why she strays. Her husband likes sex, but he doesn't want to stray from his norm, which is her on her back, him pounding away until he gets off, then he rolls over and goes to sleep. I've met him a few times, he likes that she has someone to hang out with in the mornings when she goes out. He's a nice guy, and every time I see him I just want to let him know that he needs to cowboy up, pull his dick out of his vagina, and learn what his wife wants from him. If he would do that then I wouldn't be nailing her on his bed after he leaves for work.

In her three years of marriage she has had two partners before me. One she said, in her words, Fucked like a champ, but was more interested in trying to get caught by her husband than anything else. the second guy was a friend of a friend, and he became very possessive over her, which would have lead to disaster had the relationship persisted.

Shortly after our first encounter we had a serious conversation about what each of us wanted from the other. We both want sex, with someone we can talk to. No relationship, no games, if it happens it happens, if not, oh well there is always tomorrow.

So we went running this morning. I drove to her house and parked in her driveway like I always do. Her husband was long gone. She was dressed in a pair of boy shorts that just barely covered her ass. Her shirt was one of those tight under armor shirts that are very form fitting, and a sun visor. Nothing matched, but she still looked good. I wore my usual running shorts and t-shirt. Neither of us were trying to impress the other.

After stretching in her living room (which with us can almost be considered foreplay) we shot out the front door and down the street. We probably ran about a mile before we turned around to make the mile run back. It was the same route we had run a dozen times before, but we still make the same commentary about the houses we pass and the neighborhood in general. Almost at her house we slow to a walk and stop in her front lawn to do some cool down stretches.

She followed me up her front stairs to the door and I let myself in. As soon as I see that she is through the door I close it behind her and immediately turn my attention to her, pinning her against her door, kissing her neck as she runs her hands up my torso. We had been here before, my lips on her neck really gets her off. I can feel her taking deeper breaths as my hands move up from her hips under her shirt lifting it as I go. As soon as I get her shirt and bra above her tits I lower my head between them. I run my tongue slowly licking one breast carefully avoiding her nipple as my hand cups the other.

My dick is hard. Her breasts are firm, they hold their shape nicely. She reached down to grab me but I pull back not wanting to let her touch me just yet. I've had enough of her chest so I start working my way down. For some reason I just run my nose down her stomach until I get to her shorts. With both hands I pull them off, my face as close to her ever more exposed abdomen as I can be without touching her. When her shorts are around her ankles she does he best to step out of them but they didn't quite fit over one of her sneakers. I'm on my knees in front of her. I can see she wants to reach down and pull it off, but I spread her legs before she can reach down. I place my lips over her slightly hanging clit, and give it a small kiss before I start to move my tongue in circles around her hood. This continues for a few minutes, and she inches her back lower and lower on the door, raising her hips to meet me. We start moving unison. Without her noticing it I pull the rubber I had stashed in my pocket out and put it on.

Then I tell her to turn around. She knows what I'm about to do, and complies. I raise my dick to her pussy. I love the way she feels when I rub it against her and shes completely wet. Her ass is arched almost as far as she can to make it easy for me to work my way in, both her hands are flat against the door and I place mine over hers. I don't go fast, but I push hard, and she pushes back leaning her head against the door.

When I can hear her starting to breath hard I take my hand and move it down passing across her chest down to her pussy. I can feel myself almost ready to cum when I'm playing with her So I slow myself down and pull out until the only thing that is left in her is my head. I can feel her getting close too. With everything I can muster I push into her hard lifting her to her toes. Then she reached down to grab my hand letting me know to stop, but I don't remove my hand from her pussy. I just hold it there squeezing her lips together as she orgasms. She tightens her muscles around my dick, the feeling lets me know its OK to cum. I feel her fingers massaging my balls as I insert myself as hard as I can. I say her name in an almost angry tone and squeeze her lips together at the same time.

She took herself off of me, turned around and bent down on her knees. I had already finished so she pulls the condom off and starts licking me clean. I really like this, its the best way to finish and she likes the taste of my juices.

I follow her into the living room having not made it past the front door yet and take my shirt off and sit down on the floor in her living room. She followed me, taking the rest of her clothes off before sitting between my legs. We talked about what we both had to do the rest of the day and made tentative plans to go out again Friday morning.

I still had over an hour before I was expected to be in my office. So we sat there, her in my arms caressing her naked body. For some reason I noticed that she hadn't taken her sun visor or her sneakers off. I'm not sure why but I found it rather amusing that she was sitting there naked except for those. We fucked once more before I took a quick shower and hurried into work.

At 10:00 I couldn't remember if I had taken the used condoms with me or if she had said she would take care of them. I sent her a text letting her know I think I forgot my socks. She replied that she took care of them.


Ms. Inconspicuous said...

I love that running becomes a long, sweaty, extended swath of foreplay...

Anonymous said...

wow... great story line.

Of course, now I'm wondering why I don't have a running partner like you, greedy girl that I am...

Anonymous said...

now that's my kind of workout. I don't like running but having a partner like that would get me motivated :)