Monday, November 24, 2008

Bad attitudes

I am in a bad mood today. I was in a bad mood yesterday too. In fact I think I have managed to completely piss off everyone around me.

My wife isn't happy with me, although she is the least angry of the bunch. I've been short with her all weekend. I snapped at her a few times about inconsequential things that I should have just kept my mouth shut about.

I alienated Mrs Legs when I carefully explained to her yesterday morning that I was busy all weekend and no matter how much she begged me to come out I was more interested in staying home.

VJ called me Saturday night and asked about her idea for a threesome which I politely refused the first time, and the second time. The third time she asked I let her have it. I didn't hesitate in telling her that it just wasn't going to happen, she should stop trying, and if I hear about it again I don't want to hear from her.

I also managed to royaley piss of half a dozen other friends at the same time. Esse, I think is the only person that isn't completely angry at me at the moment.

The reason, I haven't smoked since Friday night. I have smoked for the better part of 18 years, and if you know my age, yes that is how old I was when I first started to smoke. This isn't the first time that I have tried to quit. I've tried a few times, but since I'm telling you right now that I'm trying to quit again, that means that I've never actually suceeded.

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Angel said...

*hugs* It will get better! Hold your head up, you can do this!