Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My first random date

Tomorrow is the big day. I haven't been shy or nervouse around people of the opposite sex in a long time, I have come to the realization that women either like me for who I am, or we just don't get along. For some reason this woman makes me nervous. I'm not scared that she won't like me, I am scared that we will sit down for lunch and just stare at each other, that we will just have nothing to say.

Through email we have had a few decent conversations, but the problem with email is that it gives the other party time to think about what to say, to come up with the perfect response. Any non-time-sensitive communication is therefore suspect and should not be treated as gospel. Some of the comments that she has said to me are a little off base, slightly absurd even. I had asked her if she wanted to meet for lunch one day this week, her response was to tell me her entire schedule for almost the next month. It's just the little things, like she just didn't have any attention to detail.

She sent me a picture of herself, and she looks good, her profile says that she is 34, and looking at her picture I would have guessed her 5 years younger. She looks fit, and says she works out. Pictures are another thing not to trust. They can be old, photoshopped, or just someone who looks better.

I have my exit plan, I'm going to ride my bike so that we won't *have* to drive together, and it's at lunch so I might have to go back to work early. The way i see it right now it looks very promising.


Ms. Inconspicuous said...

Funny, the first thing I thought when you said, "The picture looks 5 years younger" was "The picture is probably 5 years old."

Buyer beware, and all. :)

Anonymous said...

That's the thing - emails should be perfect because you have that time.

Anonymous said...

I meant to add that this is why meeting online is hard - you can't pick up on any of the non-verbal cues.

Angel said...

if you have an uneasy feeling, there is probably a good reason.. Can't wait to hear how this one turns out!