Saturday, November 29, 2008

She missed me

I finally saw my good friend Mrs Legs today. She missed me, we hadn't seen each other since just about the end of October, and it's almost the end of November. We had talked a few times but our paths hadn't really had a chance to cross, mostly due to me traveling.

I walked into her house around 9 this morning, she was alone, and waiting for me. She had left the door open for me, and I let myself in. She was running late, and I was a little early. The reason that this was a problem was because ewe had already talked on the phone, and I had made mention that I vaguely remembered seeing a corset hiding in the back of her closet an while back, and I thought it would look incredible on her.

I was right.

Boy was I right.

As soon as I walked into her place she was running up the stairs to her room to finish getting dressed, but the small glimpse that I caught was enough to give me an incredible erection. I couldn't help it. I just stood there, two feet in the door, my hand stroking myself through my pants staring at the stairs for her to come back down.

I guess she couldn't find the rest of the outfit because she walked back down the stairs, with a sad baby face on, telling me that she lost some clothes. I couldn't help but smile, the view from my end was great. She sort of bopped her way down the stairs, and threw her arms around me and gave a huge passionate kiss. She was very glad to see me.

I picked her up and carried her to the couch, her thighs wrapped around my waist as we continued to kiss. I was able to lay her down on the couch without breaking free of her kiss. We didn't stop as I undid my belt and pulled my pants down. I wanted to be in her more than anything else, but not yet. Instead I reach down and put some pressure on her clit with my head. She was wet beyond belief.

Her had had found my pants and was frantically searching through my pockets. She was ready for me, and I would not stop her. She found it, tore it open, and put in on as fast as she could, knowing the faster it was on me the fast I was in her.

The first thrust of my cock, caused her whole body to tense up, her hands squeezing my shoulders, her feet pulling me in, while her thighs tightened to keep me out, her pelvis angled itself to take me.

I didn't try to be gentile, with every ounce of strength I pushed against her, over and over. Then I stopped and slid myself firmly in. I pulled out at an angle so that my shaft slid right off her clit, and I thrust back in the same way. Then out.

I motioned for her to flip over and leaned her over the arm of the couch. It squeaked with each movement that we made together. Until I came. I pulled her onto me sitting her on my lap as I throbbed in her, she did not stop playing with my balls, and kept me hard for a little while extra. I finally had a good chance to look at her costume, a small slightly rigid pearl white corset that covered half her nipples, holding her breasts firmly in place. It fit her perfectly.

Being the day after thanksgiving, her husband at work, and me out riding we had all day together, and what a day it was.


Mischievous Snow White said...

That is so steamy! I love it!

Anonymous said...


I know that urgent feeling. A month is a long hiatus, especially if you are her only lover.

Angel said...

Now, I will have all day to think about that story.. that corset! That feeling of urgency....