Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Deviance of Sex

Why do some people enjoy violent sex?

I spent most of the afternoon doing motorcycle related maintenance, getting them ready for the winter, and she spent the day out with a friend. She came home for dinner and brought some heroes from the deli, which we ate in the garage. She stayed for a few hours to watch me as I pinched my fingers, and busted my knuckles, laughing at me as I cursed the machines around me.

Before I was finished she went inside. I remained in the garage for another hour tidying everything up before I would call it a night. She had already gone to bed, and I went online to check some email, and the discussion on a forum I frequent that is undergoing some major changes and a mass exodus (more on this later).

I also talked to VJ over AIM, and she invited me over on Monday which I might take her up on, she also half begged me for a threesome with her and her boyfriend, which I am avoiding as best I can. She is looking for MMF experience versus a MFM experience. I don't mind touching another man in bed, as long as the focus is the a female that is the focus of both our affections. She is looking for him to have a more homosexual experience, which I just don't feel comfortable doing. I won't be their shared toy, it is a little too far away from my comfort zone for me.

My wife has recently discover the she enjoys hurting me, and I enjoy it too. Last night was no exception. My stomach and back are scratched and bitten, my ass is red and the shape of her hand is clearly visible. Last night was about me, and my gratification, and I enjoyed every minute of it. Making love doesn't have to include sex, which last night it didn't. Truly making love only has to include the gratification shared between two people who trust themselves enough to enjoy the pleasures of each others bodies.


Jane said...

Because democracy is the bedroom can be boring.

Power play in the bedroom eludes erotic experience.

That is the difference between humans and other animals.
Even my neighbor's dog has sex, but humans take it to a different level. We can become aroused without even touching anyone. We can dream and fantasize.

And that is the fascination of true eroticism, which is in the mind.


Riff Dog said...

I don't understand it. But I like it. Go figure! ;)

Angel said...

Very beautifully stated....

As far as the MMF, if you are not comfortable, then it will not be a good experience for any involved.
Been there, and it turned out bad!

Trust your instincts!