Saturday, November 1, 2008

For Want of a Fax Machine

Right now I am stuck in the airport waiting for a flight that doesn't exist. Somehow my original flight was cancelled. So when I arrived at me layover point I was automatically booked on another flight which was cancelled. Then somehow my flight that I was originally on is not paid for in the American Airlines system. So now I am emailing my travel authorization documents (which I was able to take a cell phone picture of) to my travel agent. Some days I wish I could carry a fax machine in my pocket. The first picture of my document was too fuzzy for them to read so I had to take four pictures of the document and assemble them together to form one document. Of course as soon as I am able to send a clear document their email goes down.

For want of a fax machine...


Anonymous said...

So the airport people don't have a fax machine?! Or they refused to help? My god. At least your travle agent works on Saturday.

Jane said...

yes at least your travel agent works on Saturday. hope you're good now.


hmmm...that's not a bad idea a portable fax machine. can i steal your idea and make money off of it?


just finished reading your blog. i like!..except for the fact that i am again disgusted to find another adulterous/betraying spouse and you're excuse was variety? haha

do you think you would still get the same amount of thrill if your wife knew about your affairs and approved of them?

keep writing! =)

The World is a Playground said...

The airport folks were terribly useless, everyone gave me the runaround and I would have played the game had I not had to get on a flight within half an hour of discovering the problem.

Jane, to each his or her own.