Thursday, November 20, 2008

The mishaps of my sexual life - Part 2

Continuing my very boring (sexually) week away from home, today was no exception. I went out to a professional dinner where I was able to hobnob with some fairly important people. I had low hopes for the night and have resigned myself to going home tomorrow horney and alone. I did see the light at the end of the tunnel today, after dinner a few of us went out to a local bar for a few extra drinks, then on the way home from the bar a few less of that group stopped at a liquor store for a few beers, and then we preceded up to her room. What I had heard her say as let's go up to my room and play poker, sounded in my head let's go up to my room and have some fun. Apparently it really meant lets go up to my room and play some poker, which we did until she decided that it was bed time and I left.

Tomorrow sounds like it will turn out fun. My wife will be picking me up from the airport, and she says that she has a surprise for me...

I will fill in the void with another bad sexual encounter. This one isn't nearly as bad as the last one I wrote about, but it could have easily put me in more trouble than I would care to ever need to deal with.

The first time I slept with VJ.

She had invited me to take her out, and at the time we hadn't seen each other in a long time so I jumped at the chance to see her. Since she still lives with her parents (a big thank you to her dead beat ex husband/baby daddy who doesn't support them) I had to deal with that first hurdle, which wasn't too bad. We have known each other since high school, and I had slept over her house back then, in a very innocent fashion, so I was already familiar with them.

They still gave me the third degree, where are you going, what are you doing, when are you going to be back.

We are going to the bar then to the back seat of my car, your daughter, and when I am done, in that order.

We went out to a small local bar, nothing special, the type of place that you need to watch out where you sit because it could be Bob's seat, which he hasn't left in the past eight years. That type of bar. A few drinks, enough to get reacquainted, but not enough to get drunk and we made a quick exit. I was being very picky about where to take her after the bar. We had already made our intentions very clear as to what activities we would be participating in, and I was on a mission to find a nice private, secluded place where we could be alone.

I finally did find a place, in a dimly lit empty parking lot, near the beach. Neither of us wasted any time removing our clothes, and within seconds we were naked, our hands groping and grabbing each other. I went down on her and she eagerly returned the favor. In fact her oral skills were amazing, and she was able to give me a memorable blow job, good enough to get me to cum within a few minutes. It was so warm in the car that i had to open the windows to let some air in.

Lucky for me (rather my ego) I was able to get it back up without a break in the action. For round two we dove straight into the sex. Over the course of the next hour we mush have tried every position in the Karma Sutra that was even remotely possible in the back of a car. Front, back, top bottom, upside down, inside out. There were hands and feet on every surface in the car pushing and pulling.

Toward what would become the end of our sexually charged back seat romp I had her laid across the seat with me on top. Through the front window I though I could see a light in the distance, but I ignored it. I had noticed a few random cars pull in and out of the parking lot while we were there, and I dismissed this one as being no different. Except this one was. It didn't stop and turn around like the rest, it slowly came closer until the drivers window was a foot away from my window. When I realized that this car kept coming closer I froze, got as low as I could with her under me and stopped making any noise.

Then he talked.

"What are you doing in there son?"

My response has turned into a classic line between VJ and myself, and we refer to it on a regular basis.

"Uh, well officer, pretty much what it looks like"

I'm pretty sure that he could see my naked ass sticking up. I couldn't see him, his flashlight was pointing right in my face, blinding me. He gave me the order to get out of there, and I wasn't about to argue.

We wound up going out to another bar near her house and a few more drinks before I finally made the trek home. I only realized after what could have happened. Trying to explain an indecent exposure ticket would not have been good for me.

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Anonymous said...

Wow. That is awesome! Not as bad as part one. It reminds me of something that happened to me once...

And... the Jersey Shore! :) I can smell it now...