Thursday, November 6, 2008

A good start to a better day

So I woke up yesterday morning with a small hangover, a huge erection, and a beautiful girl licking it. It took me a minute to comprehend exactly what was going on. I leaned forward gazing at her with my half open eyes while she continued to go down on me. I ran my fingers through her hair and startled her, she hadn't yet realized that I was awake, she was too busy taking care of the task at hand. Her head popped up and she wiped the moisture from her lips saying "good morning sleepyhead" while she tried to portray a childish smile. I pulled myself to lean back on the headboard and she straddled me sliding me in. She moved her body up and down along mine, her breast brushing my face. I kneaded her ass firmly with my hand as she continued her movements, her pelvis pushing into mine, her arms wrapped around my neck. She didn't even look me in the eyes, just continued to do her work until it was finished, pulling me out, letting me rest in the area between her pelvis and thigh while she continued to grind into me. I came all over the space between us and she rubbed it in with her stomach as continued to put pressure on me.

Without saying a word she stood up, walked into the bathroom and started up the shower and cleaned herself off. I had less than an hour to get to my meeting and I stepped into the shower next to her and washed myself off alongside her, our bodies touching briefly. I was ready to go again, but there wasn't enough time, and both of us knew it. She told me that she had some shopping to do, and she was dressed and out the door before I could even find my clothes. I made it to my meeting on time, but my mind kept going back to my wake up call this morning, the way she went from being playfully childish to emotionless and mechanical in her duties. I couldn't wait to get back to the hotel.

After my business was done I looked at my phone on my way to the car. She had sent me my instructions for the rest of the morning, call her when I'm ready to leave, two bottles of white wine, and wait for her to call me in the hotel lobby. I followed her orders to the letter. She called and told me it was ok to meet her in the room. The elevator ride up took forever, and I could almost feel her as I stood there alone waiting for my floor.

I walked to my door and slid my card in peeking into the room. It was almost dark, I could see the flicker of candles as I walked in. A quick glance around the room and I could see that she was busy. Almost every surface that could hold a candle had one. There was a new table in the center of the room that had not been there earlier, along with two chairs, and a late lunch from the hotel resaturant was ready for us. I sat down at the table as she walked out of the bedroom, she was wearing a bright red dress, loose around her chest, her back completely bare, and the cut of the neck fell almost down to her belly button, the skirt part of the dress was tight and ended halfway down her thighs, her shoes started just bellow her knees with red straps that wrapped each leg down to her ankles, with two red heels to match. I was awe struck with all she had done. Our meal passed by too slow, but the conversation was good.

After we ate she sat me on the couch and started a cd player that was hidden behind the couch. She straddled me and started to dance to the music, grinding against me and touching me in ways that most men would pay good money for. She had been a stripper in a previous life, and her talent showed. Without hesitation over the course of a few songs she unbuttoned my shirt, and had my pants around my thighs. Her dress had slid up, exposing her naked ass to me, her top had slid to each side exposing her breasts. Each time she rubbed her pussy over my hard cock I could feel the moisture that had gathered there.

She danced for me until I grabbed her by her hair. I forcefully put her on all fours and dropped my pants and shirt. I squatted down behind her, and rubbed my waiting member against her pussy, pulling her cheeks apart with my hand. Then I stopped right at her hole, just the tip of my dick entering while I barely moved in and out. She started to beg me to fuck her, but I was enjoying making her wait. When i decided she had enough, I entered as hard as I could, again and again, my stomach slapping against her ass, pushing her forward with each thrust. Within a few minutes she was almost at the wall and started to climb it with her arms as I followed behind her until she was flat against the wall. I moved her arms to the small of her back holding them both firmly in place while I pulled her hips into mine with my other hand. I could feel myself starting to throb so I pulled out grabbing the base of my dick so I would not spill any, I turned her around as I stood in front of her leaning her head against the wall while I fucked her face. I could see that she was playing with herself, and I let go of my dick. She swallowed all of it without spilling a drop. I could see her smiling through each thrust that I continued to give.

She had told me in an email long ago that she had a stripper-rape fantasy, I would find out later in the night that I had it backwards, she wanted to do it to me. We went out later to a real strip club a few blocks from our hotel, and I let her do it to me after a few drinks and shared dances there.

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Anonymous said...

This whole storyline is amazing. Almost unbelievable. I love it.