Thursday, November 13, 2008

The lunch date

Today was the day. It wasn't bad, but at the same time it wasn't good.

Looking at her, the pictures I saw of her were spot on. It was her to a T, in fact the real thing looked slightly better. If I would have met her on the street I might have guessed her to be in her mid 20's.

She was a few minutes late, and I showed up early so I sat outside until I saw her walk in. We exchanged the normal greetings. We even had a great conversation. I was nervous, but she was even more so.

This was going to be her first extramarital activity. She had been married a few years and after she had her children and was 'fixed' her husband wanted nothing to do with her. She told me about him, and he seems like a genuinely nice person, who wants to have sex for procreation reasons only. When she first mentioned her husband I was thinking that she would keep talking about him, but after a few quick scentenses that came out as she explained what she was looking for that was it, she didn't mention him again. The conversation was great, she was very intelligent, and we both enjoy some of the same subject. I really think we hit it off.

We sat there for almost an hour, then we both had to go. I left her with a very passionate kiss and a promise that I would send her a message when I got home.

Here is where it all went down hill. I log into my email, and there was a message from her, I'll paraphrase a little.

"Thank you for lunch, I had a great time, and I was very excited to see you again, but then I talked to my husband and I just can't go through with it. I feel guilty just going out to lunch with you"

At first I though that she was trying to let me down nicely so I sent back an I understand reply, and she said that it isn't the end, she just needs to think things through, and that we should keep in touch.

All in all not a bad experience, it could have gone better (we could have ended the lunch in the alley way behind the place, which we did talk about), and it could have gone a whole lot worse (I had imagined a drunk toothless bag lady as a worst case scenario).


Kate said...

I had that guilt prompted email a few times, in various stages of the game. Sometimes they later change their mind, sometimes they find that as far as they went with you, that's as far as they could go.

Better luck next time?

Anonymous said...

It's good to just get that first blind date under your belt. You'll be less nervous next time.

Give her space. She may come around. Or she might just pull a Frat Boy and keep changing her ID and coming back as a different person...

Anonymous said...

i followed the link from ASMs blog. Seeing your ebcounters through your eyes is really faszinating...I will stop more often here....

Anonymous said...

I seem to have been having a long run of "virgin" infidels lately. It's a weird emotional state, especially for a woman. I think she was testing the waters and wanted to see what it felt like, but wasn't ready to make the jump yet. That's OK. She did leave the door open. Like Coquette said, she may yet change her mind.

Bad Bad Girl said...

Hey you!!! It was great meeting you and hanging out with you, and kind of hanging on you a little bit, huh?? Let me know if you're gonna be in my neck of the woods!!